Ghosted (2023) Review: One Of The Most Abysmal Films Of 2023

When Apple put together the idea behind their latest film ‘Ghosted’ here’s pretty much how the picture meeting went.

Apple TV+

“Ana De Armas and Chris Evans are two of the biggest stars in Hollywood at the moment, let’s put them together in a Cheesy rom-com film”…. and that’s as far as they planned.

There is a reason why Apple TV hasn’t seized the opportunity over the last few years to level with its competition such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Max. When you’re dealing with a 2 trillion dollar multinational corporation like Apple, a streaming service is nothing more than an extra plaything that adds to their portfolio.

At the end of the day, they don’t care if their films fail or succeed and there is no perfect example than the film ‘Ghosted.’

Apple TV+

The premise of this movie begins at a Washington D.C. Farmers Market with Chris Evans who plays a 40-year-old down on his luck schlub who meets a pretty girl at the market and they go on all night one nighter and he instantly falls in love with her.

The problem is that she ghosts him and he is devastated by the fact that after sleeping with he,r she won’t answer his calls. So he decides to “surprise her” by going to London and it attempt to find the person who doesn’t want to be with him.

When he is kidnapped, he discovers that the person that he fell in love with is an undercover spy and now he finds himself smack dab in the middle of her mess which involves a lot of guns and a lot of thugs.

Apple TV+

If you haven’t figured it out from the description, this film takes the story of a woman who has a one-night stand with a guy and is upset that he doesn’t call her so she becomes the obsessive female stereotype.

Get it guys?

We’re taking a basic story and flipping the gender roles because it’s 2023 and that’s progressive. The only problem is that this film absolutely sucks. Hollywood should be embarrassed by the fact that it took four people to write this garbage.

The setup is not interesting as Chris Evans and Ana De Armas don’t have as much chemistry as the poster will lead you to believe. Neither one of them are good enough actor to sell a basic low-level story for the streaming platform. and what makes matters worse is that you never care for the conflict at hand, to begin with.

Apple TV+

You have  a film that bores the crap out of you and within the first 20 minutes, you want to turn it off and watch something else. This is how most streaming services work in the modern day, they get you to watch something under the guise that it may be interesting.

You find out it’s not worth your time and watch something else however they will still celebrate as a success. According to a Samba TV research panel of 3.1 million smart television households who tuned in for at least one minute, Ghosted drew in 328,500 viewers in the first two days and is the most-watched film debut in Apple TV+ history.

By this metric, 3.1 million people watch this film for exactly 1 minute why because that’s all you can stomach for one of the worst films to come out in 2023.

Apple TV+

2023 has been pretty bad for movies in the first 6 months of the year and ‘Ghosted’ is a film that stands out among the worst we have seen thus far.




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