6/45 Review: A Film Not Chaotic Enough For It’s Premise

How do you drop the ball on a premise like this?

Cinnamon HC, Sidus

I know American audiences have never heard of the film 6/45 but let me present to you the setup of the movie. At the border that divides South and North Korea, A South Korean Border guard Park Chun-woo buys a lottery ticket and finds out that he has accepted the winning ticket which is valued at 6 million dollars.

Already planning his retirement and what he’s going to do with his newfound wealth, he loses possession of the ticket as it blows over to the North Korean side of the Border and into the hands of the communist regime. After doing their research, the North Korean guards realize that they are now in possession of the winning ticket, however, because they’re in North Korea they have no means of claiming the earnings.

Cinnamon HC, Sidus

The two sides of two divided Nations are forced to come to a resolution where they can claim the ticket if all the parties involved get their equal share. For this to be a comedy movie a concept like this sounds like a slam dunk, but the question begs again how did they drop the ball on this premise?

The fundamental problem with 6/45 is that the film for comedy is not as over-the-top as it needs to be in order to sell its own premise. The comedy in the premise is the South Korean guards doing everything they can to reclaim their lottery ticket while being thwarted by the North Korean guards. In other words, this film should be one big Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

Cinnamon HC, Sidus

However, the film makes the mistake of taking itself way too seriously and abandons its cat-and-mouse premise in the second act of the movie. Meaning, by the time that the North Korean in the South Korean guards are in control of the lottery ticket we still have an hour left to go with the film as all of the gas has dried up in our story.

The cast is solid with the material that they were given, the comedy plays very much to its South Korean audience. While the humor is too dry at times for my liking, there are a few scenes such as South Korean soldiers struggling to communicate with the North Koreans that are over the top.

Cinnamon HC, Sidus

The film loses steam in the 2nd act and doesn’t offer the audience much to keep them invested once the story portion of the film kicks into gear. 6/45 is an example of a film that sounds good in a pitch movie but doesn’t have much meat on its bones when you put the story together. The film would have been better served running about 20-25 minutes shorter in its runtime.

6/45 isn’t a bad movie but the film represents a product that could have been so much better and should have been so much better.





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