Bodies Bodies Bodies Review: The Most Obnoxious Film Of The 21st Century

Two weeks ago, I made the proclamation that “Not Okay” was the worst movie of 2022. Just two weeks after holding the title, we have a new champion and that film is called “Bodies Bodies Bodies”

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A24 is a hit-or-miss production studio that has a massive fan base not among moviegoers but critics. For every “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” A24 produces large qualities of pretentious pseudo-intellectual films that allow critics to feel smarter by watching them.

How else can a film that features Pete Davidson have a 92% score on Rotten Tomatoes?

“Bodies Bodies Bodies” is a film that describes itself as a black comedy slasher film, it only takes 30 minutes of run time to understand that the creators of this movie have no idea what the words “comedy”, “satire”, or “slasher” actually means.

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The film begins with a minute-long make-out session with an interracial lesbian couple including a full crotch grab. This is how audiences are introduced to the next 95 minutes of their wasted life. A lesbian couple named Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) and Bee (Maria Bakalova) heads to a “hurricane party” with their wealthy friends in the woods.

You have David (Pete Davidson) and his girlfriend Emma (Chase Sui Wonders) along with podcaster Alice (Rachel Sennott) and her much-older boyfriend Greg (Lee Pace) and their friend Jordan (Myha’la Herrold). The group does what most rich snobs do; drink, snort cocaine, and dance to horrible modern music.

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The group decides to play “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” a murder in the dark-style game but goes sideways when the group’s jealousy of each other begins to come to light. After the power goes out, Bee finds David outside with his throat slashed. With the storm getting worse, the group has no power or cell service with a killer on the loose among them, or so they believe.

“Bodies Bodies Bodies” is one of the most obnoxious films in the 21st century. The film is a giant Gumbo pot filled with just about everything you can’t stand about modern society presented by people who believe that they are not part of the problem.

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There’s not a single likable character here and that includes the interracial lesbian couple the film assumes that you identify with the most. Neither character has any personality at all. Amandla Stenberg, who has yet to be in a good movie thus far, plays the role of Sophie. The only thing we know about her is that she’s rich. Her girlfriend played by Maria Bakalova is almost mute throughout the entire film. Bee spends her time unaware of her surroundings while struggling to play the bare minimum of emotion.

Everyone else is a modern-day Progressive stereotype. The music selection only reminds you just how far we have fallen as a society. The dialogue is abysmal to the point they try to play up the bad dialogue as part of the “comedy”. The Group asks if Pete Davidson’s character has a gun, then Stenberg’s character responds by saying “He may be a dick, but his politics check out” as a way of explaining that he is not a gun owner.

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Sarah DeLappe, the screenwriter of this movie, does not have a single writing credit on her entire resume. She has no resume as a writer, no resume as a producer, and she doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page so how did this woman get to be the main screenwriter for this film short of “diversity and inclusion” quotas?

A terrible modern Hollywood trend is genre baiting. Last week, I review the film called they/them which was a slasher movie that refused to kill any of the LGBTQ characters for fear that they will be labeled homophobic or transphobic for doing so.

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In this film, you have a slasher film with no Slasher. There is no killer, just a bunch of drugged-up young adults who fall victim to their own paranoia. The film makes these characters so unlikable, you want them all to die but you’re never going to get that because there’s no killer.

By the time the characters start arguing about who is an “ally” to black people and what is or isn’t “ableist”, you just want a gas explosion to blow up the house. Anyone who thinks this film is a satire on classism or Gen Z is too stupid to comprehend that they are no better than the ones who are portrayed to be out-of-touch elitists in this film.

Gwen Capistran – © Public House

“Bodies Bodies Bodies” is a film that grinds on your last nerves within seconds and drags you along under the guise that there will be a payoff that is never coming. “Not Okay” was the worst film of 2022 for only 2 weeks, let’s see how long “Bodies Bodies Bodies” can defend its title for worst film of 2022.



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3 thoughts on “Bodies Bodies Bodies Review: The Most Obnoxious Film Of The 21st Century

  1. The fact that film critics like this movie, shows how out of touch they truly are. This movie is just another Far Left lecture pretending to be satire.

  2. For a while there, horror felt like the last bastion of creative freedom in Hollywood, the one genre untouched by wokeness where filmmakers could do what they wanted. But given that every slasher movie that comes out nowadays is not a slasher movie but an attempt to deconstruct the genre, it appears that horror is going the way of the woke dodo, too.

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