And the bad guy is…*shuffles cards*…Toxic fanbases???

Here’s a writing tip for modern-day screenwriters, being quirky and self-aware doesn’t make your film good, especially in a series that did it far better than you could ever. Scream (2022) is Paramount Pictures’ latest cash grab that tries to make a movie off of fanatics of the franchise and hopefully, some gullible zoomers along the way. The film is the textbook definition of soulless. The way the film tries to shoehorn modern characters into the franchises’ plot while trying to meet its diversity inclusion quotas is every bit as laughable as it is insulting. Billy Loomis is the father of a girl who looks like an extra on Sábado Gigante because why not? Let’s completely retread Jamie Kennedy’s character from the first film and put him in the body of a woke black lesbian and call her his niece because fuck you that’s why.

Just because you try to get ahead of the curve and call fans “toxic” for pointing out all of the plotholes, inconsistencies, and agenda-pushing of your film doesn’t mean their points are invalid. All that means is that you are fully aware that your film is shit and you are trying to blame the audience for realizing it. It’s like beating your spouse while screaming “YOU MADE ME DO IT THIS!!” as a legal defense.

Lastly, the problem with woke progressive storytelling is that you already know exactly who the bad guys and good guys are based on who progressives think the bad guys and good guys are in society. I figured out who the killers were in the first 20 minutes because they just so happened to be the whitest characters in the cast who weren’t already established in the franchise, you guys are predictable and sad.

This film had the audacity to save face by claiming they didn’t this film for Wes Craven who if he is in hell is surely being tortured by being forced to watch this film for all eternity.

The 2022 Progressive sequel named after the iconic 1996 film that is far superior in every way is a lock for top 5 worst films of 2022…and it’s only January.


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