The 355 Review: Simon Kinberg Keeps Feminist Bond Adventure On The Rails

If you are asking how a feminist spy movie could have been much worse than this, just look at 2020’s “Ava” starring Jessica Chastain. Same actress, same production company, same premise, and the film was a complete disaster. The fact that “The 355” didn’t repeat the exact same steps as that film is likely credited to writer/director Simon Kinberg.

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While this was nowhere near as horrible as 2020 “Ava”, The 355 is still a film that comes with its share of flaws. Jessica Chastain’s character of Mason Browne is generic and poorly written. At no point do you believe that she has any serious connection with Sebastian Stan. Come to think of it, I can’t recall a believable romance that Chastain has ever had on camera but that goes without saying.

Diane Kruger is the best character in the film as she is the only character who feels authentic to the role she is playing. Kruger would have made a great true Bond villain proving that she talents are far better than the movie she is in.

The 355 trashes global intelligence agencies with the exception of China who had not one but two production companies putting money into the film.

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Simon Kinberg keeps this film from being the woke feminist girl power James Bond knockoff that many people think that it is. The action is solid and doesn’t insult your intelligence. The 355 is just a middle of the road film, it could have been better, but it also could have been much worse.






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