‘Mission: Possible’ Review: South Korea Continues The Trend Of Fun Action Comedies

South Korea has had a good streak of quality action comedies going for the last few years. 

While the name makes it sound like a parody of the MIssion Impossible franchise, South Korea’s Mission Possible is an action comedy that is more Jackie Chan than Tom Cruise. 

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Mission Possible is a story about a young rookie IMF secret agent Yoo Da-hee (Lee Sun-bin) on her first mission after Chinese criminals hijacked a truck full of guns and have shipped them to South Korea. Sending someone to Korea to investigate is viewed as too risky so they send a rookie agent who is viewed as expendable to the organization. Yoo Da-hee seeks the help of a Korean Intelligence agent but  she ends up mistaking him for Woo Su-han (Kim Young-kwang) a bumbling, broke, private investigator for her contact. The pair soon find themselves in way over their heads and with a trail of bodies behind them. The fate of one of Korea’s biggest missions couldn’t be in worse hands.

The glue that keeps the movie together is Kim Young-kwang and Lee Sun-bin who have great on-screen chemistry blending both action and comedy genres. The film mixes it’s genre in two parts opting to go all in on comedy in the 1st half and finishing it off with action in the 2nd. Mission Possible continues the trend of successful action comedies such as Extreme Job by creating a world of colorful supporting characters and interesting villains. 

Merry Christmas Co. Ltd.

Mission Possible blends it’s styles much like an old school Jackie Chan film so for those looking for a modernized take on an old school style, this will definitely be worth the investment.




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