Twist (2021) Review: Diversity Quotas Dampers The Potential Of ‘Twist’

If there is one thing Hollywood doesn’t need, it’s another woke reboot of a beloved property that nobody asked for. However, as “progressive mandates” now required films to be produced and distributed by major networks and studios, woke reboots are now going to be the norm whether you like it or not.

While the film “Twist” certainly has to fill its diversity quota by Sky Cinema in order to see the light of day, It certainly isn’t aggressively woke to the point it is downright insulting to it’s audience. A watchable film for mainstream audiences and not just smug film critics.

Sky Cinema

Twist is a modern-day take on Charles Dickens’ 1838 novel, Oliver Twist. Set in current day London, Oliver Twist (Rafferty Law) is a young boy who loses his mother suddenly and is left an orphan to roam the streets to survive. One day, after tagging the van of a traffic cop, he flees incarnation straight into the arms of a small unit of orphan teens who steal as a means of survival. Twist finds a new home with the group however, the honeymoon period ends quickly as the psychotic Sikes (Lena Headey) loses control of the group and puts everyone’s life in danger in the process.

Oliver Twist is a story that has been done to death in the history of cinema so the question here is how would this be any different than the others. The cast of this film ranges from enjoyable to wasted. Celebrity Juice’s Keith Lemon makes a solid effort in the film along with singer/actress Rita Ora blends into the role of Dodger quite well despite being older for a role of this capacity. Others on the other hand are a bit of a miss. Michael Caine is simply wasted in his role, whether age or effort was a factor, the film relegates him to a minor character missing the mark to do so much more with his talents. 

Another piece that doesn’t quite fit is Lena Headey in the role of Sikes. The film tries to make up for Headey’s lack of intimation by giving her character a gun at all times but you feel that if this level of handicapping is needed that they should have just cast another actor in the role. 

Sky Cinema

Twist does have its moments of charm but it is a film that simply can’t get out of its own way when it comes to maximizing potential. In its own realm, Twist is a solid enough movie for a TV crime drama. You won’t be insulted but you probably won’t come back for seconds. 




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2 thoughts on “Twist (2021) Review: Diversity Quotas Dampers The Potential Of ‘Twist’

  1. This film is getting ripped apart as unwatchable trash in England. This is the best review I’ve seen of it. Also, is it particularly woke? Sikes is an evil lesbian and The Artful Dodger is a girl but it’s not like they made Oliver Twist be a disabled transgender midget or anything. I think any gender-flipping/sexuality-flipping/race-flipping has to have an element of virtue-signaling to it to qualify as woke (for example nobody cared when they made Starbuck a woman in Battlestar Galactica back in the day).

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