In the video for their latest single “Living the Dream”, the band takes aim at government control and hostility in the age of COVID. The video depicts images of smiling, authoritarian figures demanding COVID compliance, for the sake of public health. Average American consumers are parodied as brand-dead zombies, and the American working class as slaves in a communist America.

The song mocks people who bought up toilet paper in the COVID panic. Superheroes such as Captain America, Ironman, and Superman are depicted as drunk and coked out in a bar mocking the nation’s obsession with Marvel and DC films.

The most powerful scene shows everyday Americans being in compliance of a female authoritarian figure who rewards their obedience of putting on a mask by giving them a button with the Communist hammer and sickle. Then the woman walks down the street with three people on leases representing attack dogs for the rich and powerful who burn down the business of a man because he has an American flag on display.

The video ends with Americans throwing away their masks and rushing onto a battlefield carrying American flags signaling another civil war.

Five Finger Death Punch’s guitarist Zoltan Bathory explained that it wasn’t necessarily anti-mask as it was anti-hypocrisy. “The mask segments are about hypocrisy on the highest level. When the rules are made for you but those who made them are exempt. Pretty much the standard in all dictatorships and totalitarian regimes.” 

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