DeAndre Hopkins Tries To Run Local Trump Supporters Off The Road Before Sunday’s Game

Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins reportedly swerved his vehicle and flipped off a caravan of Trump supporters while on his way to a game in Glendale, Arizona.

The report claims that Hopkins, driving a black Ferrari, spotted the caravan while driving to his team’s Sunday Night Football game against the Seattle Seahawks. The report claims that the wide receiver began swerving his vehicle in and out of the caravan and flipping off Trump supporters.

“Recognize him? #NFL player Deandre Hopkins. He was spotted about an hour ago in the Phoenix area (prob on his way to the stadium)cutting off people in the Trump caravan and trying to run them off the road. All while he’s yelling and flipping people off. Oh the OPPRESSION! #TURD


Glendale, Arizona is a strong Republican area and is the home of the Arizona Cardinals so it is safe to say that Hopkins has a strong degree of hostility for the fans that he plays for. Arizona only allowed 1200 fans last night in their 37-34 overtime win over the Seattle Seahawks.


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5 thoughts on “DeAndre Hopkins Tries To Run Local Trump Supporters Off The Road Before Sunday’s Game

  1. This is what real bigotry looks like. And another example of alienating half of the NFL fans. If this guy is not remove from the NFL by next season? Well, NFL can kiss their money goodbye, for real this time for letting a bigot get his way.

  2. If Trump wins I predict he’ll still be around and the fans will come back as well. Conservatives tend to be a lot more forgiving than the left, who know nothing but remember everything.

  3. Another oppressed black guy that has been left behind due to all the white privilege around him that can’t be overcome. It is appalling that he is forced to drive around in that jalopy of a Ferrari. Flipping off the people that watch his games that provide the lifestyle he enjoys.I know I won’t be watching, the NFL lost me.

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