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Buffaloed Review: Zoey Deutch Breakout’s Performance

Sometimes being a garbage human being makes for an entertaining movie.

Sometimes being a garbage human being makes for an entertaining movie.

Give credit where credit is due, Zoey Deutch has the ability to make a mediocre film watchable. She also may have found her niche as a comedic actress. Deutch was the only bright spot in last year’s Zombieland: Double Tap and this year, she hit a home run as a loudmouth scam artist from Buffalo. 

Buffaloed begins with a loudmouth young hustler named Peg Dahl. Peg was born and raised in uptown New York and will do anything to escape Buffalo. Peg is obsessed with becoming rich and getting there quickly but after getting into some legal trouble trying to sell bootleg Bills tickets, she finds herself crippled by legal debt. However, in the quest to pay off her debt she realizes that she can make far more money collecting debt herself. Peg becomes so good at debt collection that she wages war with the city’s debt-collecting “kingpin” as they battle for supremacy and turf.

Buffaloed shares a lot of similarities to the film 2016 film, The Bronze which was a film about a foulmouth woman living in the past glory of yesteryear. Much like that film, this is a movie that is carried on the back of its lead. Deutch has an energy traps the viewer into the story and almost makes you root for her despite how terrible he is. Zoey is funny, zany, over the top, and always entertaining every time she is on screen. Buffaloed is Deutch’s statement performance putting her in line for major comedic roles in the future. 

Screenwriter Brian Sacca gets to poke fun at his own hometown of Buffalo and their love for wings and the Bills. The actors nail their Buffalo accent and mannerisms while being authentic to the region. The film is exaggerated to the highest degree which works in its favor by never taking itself too seriously for its tone. Sacca gives a great comedic view on the city of Buffalo but doesn’t create a strong environment of supporting character which is the film’s biggest flaw. The supporting characters are one-note and don’t stand out enough to be memorable. Normally that is a flaw that could make a film very dull but Zoey creates the exception to the rule. 

Buffaloed is a stellar blue-collar comedy that is fun and full of Moxy. 







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