Industry Insiders Urging Hollywood To Produce More Content Normalizing Abortion

Hollywood screenwriter and former abortion industry employee Merritt Tierce, who has written for Orange Is the New Black, along with the executive producer of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Neal Baer are urging their industry colleagues to produce films and TV shows that normalize and promote abortion.


In an industry that is panicking after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, progressive activists in Hollywood are committed now more than ever to produce content that will normalize abortion to the masses.

Hollywood knows that movies and television are an effective propaganda tool and the authors themselves have used their shows to expose Americans to “LGBTQ relationships,” “single parenthood,” “drug and alcohol addiction,” and other “stigmatized experiences” as they explained in an interview with Variety.


“Diverse stories are the gateway to promoting empathy, which can change attitudes and dissolve stigma,” they wrote. “When you watch a character on television who’s a good mom being loving toward her children, and then see her considering abortion, you immediately understand that these experiences can co-exist in one life.”

Tierce and Baer want Americans to believe abortion is a normal, everyday procedure with little consequence. They continued their argument for the normalization of abortion:


“In real life, most women who have an abortion already have one or more children (59%). Yet on-screen, only 15% of those seeking an abortion have children. Another myth perpetuates the idea that abortion is dangerous, even fatal: in real life, the risk of death from abortion is statistically near zero. But on screen, 9% of women die as a direct result of an abortion. This disparity points to a significant paradox when it comes to abortion stories: what makes good TV is dramatic, but the overall reality of abortion isn’t.

Abortion is about a character’s hopes and dreams, about what they want for their children. It’s about partnership, family, health, autonomy, and community.”


Hollywood has used its product to subvert culture for decades and the push isn’t going to end anytime soon. Recently, our review of the film Unpregnant was censored from Letterboxd for being anti-abortion. The propaganda is real and it isn’t going to stop without a fight.


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