Ava (2020) Review: Middle-Aged Women Are Not Superhuman

Jessica Chastain stars as Ava Faulkner, an assassin who is hired to get close to high profile targets and eliminate them. Ava is a recovering alcoholic who ran away from her home over 8 years ago. Ava struggles to keep her personal life from affecting her business, especially when her sister and mother suddenly return to the picture.

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While on a mission in Saudi Arabia, She lures a German general to make his death look like a heart attack. However, her cover is blown as two guards burst in and Ava is forced to fight her way out of the country. It turns out that her bad intel wasn’t an accident as her employer Simon (Colin Farrell) has grown irate that Ava talks to her targets before the kill. With an agency that doesn’t trust her, Ava must use her well-developed skills to survive the deadly onslaught that awaits her. 

Ava is a film that would have been more believable as a cartoon.

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It is hard to understand Hollywood’s recent obsession with having middle-aged women kicking butt like James Bond but their desire for this form of female empowerment fails one very important exam when it comes to audiences, the eye test. 

If you are watching the Avengers, you can turn the realism off of your brain but in a world of Femme Fatales, Jessica Chastain does not fit this bill. If this was Gina Carano, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation but watching a small frame 40-year-old soccer mom clear the room of armed Saudi Guards twice her size if enough to make Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud die of 2nd hand cringe.

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Poor writing, poor acting, poor special effects, poor action, poor stunt choreography. Whenever you hire rapper Common to portray a serious role in a film, you can best believe that you are grading on a curve in the acting department. The chemistry that he and Jessica share as a couple is about as authentic as a Saturday morning cartoon.

Ava is B film quality without the B film enjoyment. All the budget went to the cast who phoned it in on an embarrassing fashion. If Jessica Chastain wants $20 for this crap, tell her to kick rocks.






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2 thoughts on “Ava (2020) Review: Middle-Aged Women Are Not Superhuman

  1. I don’t think you realize how many feminist, middle aged/elderly cat women living on their deceased husband’s 401k are out there looking for escapist entertainment. If what’s available on cable streaming is any indication there are millions. Expect the trend to increase as “privileged” men tend to live 7 years less than oppressed women.

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