NBA Players Cry Racism As League Looks To Finish The Season

As of this writing, the NBA, NHL, and MLB have yet to commit restarting their seasons in the eyes of Coronavirus shut downs that happened back in March. For the NBA, the road to basketball just got even more compilated.

According to Breitbart News, Insiders are saying that a large number of NBA players are furious that they were not consulted on the return to competition as racial strife and the coronavirus remains an issue.

Some players feel it is terrible optics to force players to be sequestered in one location as the nation enters into a discussion of racism.

“What message are we sending by agreeing to this during this time?” a black player told Yahoo. “We’re out here marching and protesting, and yet we all leave our families in these scary times and gather to perform at a place where the owners won’t be at? What type of sense does that make? We’ll be going backwards. That place isn’t that magical.”

Last week, the National Basketball Players Association executive committee and its board of representatives approved the league’s plan for a 2020 season to be held at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, scheduled for July.

Still, some players say they were not consulted even by their own player’s union about the efficacy of resuming play with the virus yet a threat.

Many players also have an even bigger problem with the plan to return to play. They are unhappy that they were not asked about returning to “entertain” people as the country devolves into racial strife.

But, owners and league officials crafted the plan specifically to protect these millionaire players who are paid to play basketball from the coronavirus’s possible ravages.

The union also noted that players would not be obligated to play, but if they refuse to participate, they will forfeit their pay.

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving has reportedly organized a conference call for those who are not in agreement with the league’s restart plan.


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One thought on “NBA Players Cry Racism As League Looks To Finish The Season

  1. 1. I would think NBA players, who are amongst the most aerobically fit athletes in the world, wouldn’t have a problem with a Covid hospitalization rate for ordinary people without major health issues, in their age bracket of less than one percent.

    2. Personally, I welcome our BLM masters. It will be a welcome change from wahman as the oppressed group dejour in the movies.

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