Hollywood’s Role In Inciting Deadly Race Riots

When footage of George Floyd’s arrest went viral last week, people from all sides of the political spectrum expressed outrage and anger over the circumstances behind his death. Four police officers held down Floyd for several minutes, one of them holding him down by putting his knee on Floyd’s neck while he screamed that he couldn’t breathe. Floyd later died at the hospital and the officers in question were charged with 3rd-degree murder.

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For everyone, the video was a shocking example of police incompetence and their failure to serve and protect, for some it was all the justification they needed to say enough is enough. Whether you believe it or not, the overwhelming majority of black people believe that the biggest threat to them is the police. This is not a debate over FBI statistics, death rates, or crime rates; the fact of the matter is this is what the black community believes and they have a good reason to do so.

While some will show FBI charts to prove that police killings of black Americans are relatively low as compared to police killings of other races justified or unjust, that is not what black people see and even if they do see it, it goes against what they are told.

Black people are told that the police hate you and they will kill you solely based on your skin color, especially if an officer is white. So when you have a white officer accused of killing a black man, whether the incident was racially motivated or not, the perception is the white officer killed him BECAUSE he was black, because they wouldn’t have killed him if he was white.

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Why does the black community believe this? Because every time they turn on a television, that is exactly what they are told. The media has played a very large role in how we got to this point. When black people turn on a television, they see news reports depicting racist interactions with police officers on the news, and they use these news reports to solidify their beliefs about cops. From Trayon Martin, to Michael Brown, to Armand Arbery, to George Floyd. Half of those cases weren’t even by police officers but it doesn’t matter because it feeds the narrative.

When the media tells you during a course of a 24/7 news cycle that you are a victim and you are under attack, you are going to believe it. But the media isn’t the only ones fueling this fire, Hollywood is just as responsible for telling black people the cops will kill you for black than anyone, especially in the age of Black Lives Matter.


Hollywood has created multiple television shows and movies targeted directly to the black audiences which depict black people being murdered by white police officers, for literally no reason. They do this to create the narrative that this is their reality, this is what happens to them in real life, this is how they are treated in real life. Add in some gaslighting by those in the rap community and you have a ticking time bomb of violence that was waiting to explode and it did.

Here are just some films that have been targeted to black people in just the last couple of years that encourages black anger.

Brett G. Smith, Astro, Manny Ureña, Eden Duncan-Smith, and Dante Crichlow in See You Yesterday (2019)

See You Yesterday is a Spike Lee produced a film where a couple of black children go back in time to prevent their brother from being shot by white cops. No matter what they do to change history, a white cop murders someone close to them until they eventually give up and realize they don’t have the power to stop white cops…and you wonder why people are burning down their neighborhoods.

Tyrese Gibson and Nelson Bonilla in Black and Blue (2019)

In the film Black & Blue, within the opening seconds, a black female police officer is attacked and almost shot by two white cops because she doesn’t look like she belongs in the neighborhood she lives in. Within seconds, the theme of the movie is clear, all cops are dirty, they hate black people and see them all as criminals. Without the slightest exaggeration, there are four different scenes in this film were a police officer aggressively slams down a black person who was literally doing nothing, and the second the black person says a syllable, the cop points a gun at their head. This happens FOUR TIMES within the first hour of the movie…and you wonder why police cars are being set on fire.

Bokeem Woodbine, Daniel Kaluuya, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Indya Moore in Queen & Slim (2019)

In the film Queen & Slim, a black couple is pulled over by an angry cop threatens their lives due to his irrational reaction to skin tone. This causes the couple to kill the cop in self-defense and become folk heroes to every black person who hates cops. This film which was targeted to black Americans was so protected by the media that we were banned temporarily from LetterBoxd for pointing it out. According to Letterboxd, it is more dangerous to criticize a movie that uses Black Lives Matter propaganda than create a movie that leads to rioters burning the city of Philadelphia to the ground and beating people unconscious in the streets.

Lex Scott Davis in The First Purge (2018)

In the film, The First Purge, subtly doesn’t even exist as not only are white cops rightwing and racist but they flat out had a group of white supremacists storms a black church and gun down everyone inside…that right, the film reenacted the Charleston church shooting to score political points. While creating a world where wealthy right-wing white people have poor black people killed for entertainment, they have created a reality that looks exactly like The Purge.

Aunjanue Ellis and Ethan Herisse in When They See Us (2019)

Television was no innocent bystander here, they have been throwing gasoline in this racial inferno as well. The Netflix series Family Reunion which is supposed to be a “family sitcom” decided to give young black children a lesson and that is white cops see you as the enemy because “that’s the reality we are living in”.

In one of the episodes entitled “Remember When Our Boys Became Men?” a group of young black children locked themselves out of the house and attempted to get back in. Suddenly, two white police officers arrive and immediately draw guns on the three young terrified kids with the youngest one screaming “please don’t shoot us!”

Last year, Netflix released When They See Us, a miniseries which rewrote history in order to create a divisive racial narrative that suggests the only reason that infamous Central Park 5 were targeted in a criminal investigation involving rape and battery as they were black men in America and that’s “how they see us”.

One year ago, I wrote this as Hollywood was fanning the flames of racial rebellion:

If this is the future of the world’s biggest streaming giant, not only is it time to reconsider the $15 a month you spend to support them, but it may be time to prepare for the anger and resentment that these projects are going to have on national discourse.

Here we are, one-year later…who was right and who was wrong?


People are responsible for their own actions. But at the end of the day, when rioters are destroying your business you put blood sweat and tears into, when rioters are viciously beating you within an inch of your life, when rioters are destroying the city you have called home for the decades…ask yourself these questions?

Why are these people so angry?

Why are these people so angry at you?

Who has been telling them that YOU are the ones that want them dead?

Who has been telling them that the system is against them and the only way to fix it is to burn everything you hold dear to the ground?


Perhaps YOU should have a talk with the people who are financing their propaganda, because not only will their films incite a wave of anger that could very well get you killed, but these same people will likely bail out the person who destroyed your livelihood and do it with a smile on their face.

It’s time to hold Hollywood accountable for their role in inciting racial riots.


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