Amazon Prime ‘Them’ Unironically Makes The Case For White Nationalists

Hollywood just can’t help themselves fanning the flames of racial hatred in the United States of America. But this time around, they may have opened a rabbit hole they had no intention on opening.

Amazon Prime’s Latest TV series entitled ‘Them’ is Hollywood latest piece of content set in the past in order to show how awful white people were to black people. Of course the series has to be set in the 1950s in order to prevent anyone who lived in that era to call out the propaganda out for what it is. However, the story that the series presents which is meant to demonize whites in the 1950s does the opposite in content.

The show which debuts on April 9th, chooses Compton, California as it’s location but it isn’t the Compton you are familiar with, this is 1950s Compton, this is a majority white Compton. A black family moves into Compton and their white neighbors are not happy. The rest of the trailer shows the black family being absolutely terrorized by the white people in their neighborhood with the tease of a supernatural elements mixed with the theme of racism.

‘Them’ is suppose to shed light on housing discrimination in the 1950s that prevented black people from owning homes in certain neighborhoods. The problem is they choose the absolute WORST city to make this case…Compton.

In the mind of progressives, Compton in the 1940s and 1950s was worse than the Compton of today because it was a majority white neighborhood that weren’t open to black people entering their community. Residential segregation was a big issue in America that amplified by Proposition 14 which allowed property sellers, landlords and their agents to discriminate on ethnic grounds.

The proposition was a leading issue that led to the 1965 Watts Riots, an extremely violent rebellion by black people which led to a swift demographics change in the area. Whites fled the area in droves which led to Compton becoming majority black for the first time. However, this change led to Compton having the highest crime rate in the state of California. Things got worse in the 1980s when the crack epidemic hit and following the rise of Rap groups such as N.W.A., Compton became infamous for it’s crime and dangerous gang lifestyle, less than 30 years after it’s mass demographics shift. In 2021, not much has changed in the region.

Films such as The Banker told a much better story of the 1950s housing scandal and did it in a way that didn’t attempt to incite racial hatred while making the perfect case for racists in the process.

‘Them’ will certainly make the case how the demographic shift of the Southland was a positive in the helms of history, but reality might tell a story they certainly don’t want their audience to pick up on. Next time, don’t pick Compton as your example.


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  1. Wow. You, the author of this article, are a racist piece of living shit. You are the perfect example of how white people, who think as you do, are nothing more than a hateful, narcissistic, disease that continues to plague this world.

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