Extraction Review: Where The Hell Has This Chris Hemsworth Been???

The first act of Extraction will have you questioning why we haven’t gotten more of the action hero Chris Hemsworth and less of the goofball Chris Hemsworth.


Extraction is a culture shock to many considering we are used to seeing Hemsworth yucking it up in bad comedies such as Ghostbusters 2016 and the Men In Black reboot. Even Hemsworth’s mainstay character of Thor has been downgraded to a comedy act in the last few years. When you have the look, the voice, and the charisma of a Chris Hemsworth, the formula is there to create a blockbuster throwback action hero that Hollywood has silently killed over the last couple of decades.

While Extraction won’t be bringing in the millions seeing as it is a Netflix exclusive, the film is without question one of Chris’s best roles in the last few years.

Hemsworth stars as Tyler Rake, a black-market mercenary who is recruited to travel to the criminal underbelly of  Bangladesh and rescue the son of India’s biggest drug lord, Ovi Mahajan Sr.


However, the rescue mission looks to be a suicide mission as in order to extract his son, he must get past another ruthless drug lord who controls almost every aspect of the city. Not to mention he must deal with another mercenary who is also looking for the same target. The odds are not in Tyler’s favor but it will take more than that to prevent him from accomplishing his mission.

Produced by the Russo brothers of Avengers Infinity War and Endgame fame, Extraction is a dynamite mix of old school action and body counts. The film is in many ways a John Wick meets The Raid, so if you are a fan of those films, you won’t be disappointed here. The cinematography is golden, Newton Thomas Sigel, known for his work on the X-men franchise and Drive, captures what looks like a big-budget Bollywood film on a Netflix budget.

The action choreography is creative and well done. The kills are absolutely brutal so don’t go in thinking you are going to get wisecracks done to 80s Synthpop because what you are going to get a man with a rake permanently stuck to his face.


Extraction is a ball to the walls action joyride that never gets stuck in its own way. The story is straightforward and doesn’t convolute the plot to keep the pacing at a good flow all the way through. The supporting characters are a bit weak and the ending may leave a bit to be desired but all in all, Extraction delivers one of Chris Hemsworth’s best roles to date. Hopefully, this will lead to a more macho line of work from the actor and less Disney friendly bits.




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4 thoughts on “Extraction Review: Where The Hell Has This Chris Hemsworth Been???

  1. When I quit NETFLIX, they requested a reason. I told them I wasn’t fond of putting the Obamas on their production board plus the fact that they had a lot of left oriented programming, a lot of neutral programming but very little of interest to conservatives – unlike Prime. Checking out Hemsworth, it appears he has avoided the virtue signaling of fellow Marvelites like Chris Evens, who thinks Trump supporters should be vanished. If the trend continues at NETFLIX I may have to re-up. We shall see.

  2. Exactly. This is a fun movie for what it is. Looking forward to seeing more action movies with Hemsworth. This almost makes me forget what they did to Thor in Endgame..

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