Next week’s prime-time special for CBS’s “The Price Is Right” gameshow will air feature popular drag queen RuPaul playing to raise money for Planned Parenthood.

The show will air on May 11 to be hosted by Drew Carey and feature RuPaul. The celebrity drag queen will be playing to raise money for the charity Planned Parenthood, a progressive organization used to perform and protect abortions.

RuPaul has been a strong supporter of abortion in the past making comments in a 2017 interview with Marie Claire:

“Women in our culture have been so marginalized and so really beaten down. We live in a masculine-dominated culture. How dare some man tell a woman what to do with her body. That is outrageous! Outrageous. As a human, that is a big issue for me that really strikes a chord.”

The Price Is Right has been on air since 1956 when it was first hosted by Bill Cullen and then popularized in 1972 with new Bob Barker.


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