Love Wedding Repeat: Solid Film With Ups And Downs

Love Wedding Repeat is one of those film with such a zany premise, there was no way anyone in Hollywood came up with this idea. To the surprise of no one, the film is based on the 2012 french film, Plan de Table. What the film lacks in originality is makes up in a enjoyable banter.


The multiverse theory suggests that one small change creates a number of alternative realities that radically alters the future of multiple individuals without even knowing it. What if you sat seven people at a dinner table and randomly spiked one of their drinks? What would be the become if each person was separately drugged sitting at the table?

This question may seem out of place for a rom-com about a wedding but that is basically the setup. Love Wedding Repeat takes place at a luxurious Italian wedding, our central character Jack, is at his sister Hayley’s wedding with the woman he never got his opportunity to be with three years ago. However, as his sister’s ex-boyfriend threatens to ruin the entire event, Jack is forced to be a protective brother and rectify his biggest mistake at the same time and everything goes belly up.


Love Wedding Repeat is a fun movie and considering it’s one of the few things you can do without your neighbors calling the cops on you right now, there are worse ways to spend you time.

A few negatives, the story line didn’t have much going for it as the gimmick of the film plays with the idea of multiple timelines. The non-canon outcomes aren’t quite as over the top it needs to be in other to stand out. It is truly a missed opportunity to really have some fun with a number of outcomes that wouldn’t have counted towards the film canon ending regardless.


Half of our characters are pretty unlikable which makes you care for them less as time goes on. With that said, Sam Claflin and Olivia Munn have excellent chemistry with one another and are the strongest part of the film. Love Wedding Repeat is well shot with great cinematography that’s makes up for the lack of story in parts. The comedy is a lot stronger here than the romance, if the film was a bit more slapstick, they would have had something more memorable than a fun watch.

If you aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, Love Wedding Repeat is worth the 100 minutes watchtime.




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