Stephen Colbert Mocks Citizens Protesting Government Overreach During Coronavirus Lockdowns

It is bad enough for the citizens of Michigan that their governor has shut down their state until June at the earliest while refusing to allow them to purchase supplies that she deems “non-essential” such as gardening supplies and car seats, but now they have to deal with a pompous millionaire late night host mocking them for daring to be upset with their new normal.

Late night host Stephen Colbert took to mocking citizens upset with the overreach of a government shutdown from the safety of his mansion on Thursday night. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who is facing two federal lawsuits for her actions refusing to allow her citizens to travel between homes that they own and purchase “non-essential” items from the store. Whitmer has also forced businesses to shut down including gun stores in the state leading to lawsuits regarding second amendment violations.

But because Whitmer is a Democrat who is looking to be a possible running mate of Joe Biden later this year, Colbert did his job to defend the politician by mocking those who oppose her aka the citizens of Michigan.

“Well, I’m sure that convinced the legislators,” Colbert said sarcastically. “You know, the medical data doesn’t back up an early reopen, but I did hear some sound policy ideas from lady flag-screamer and guy-in-a-Purge-mask.” “Because nothing says ‘never surrender’ like a Confederate flag,” Colbert joked.

On Wednesday, thousands of protesters surrounded Capitol Avenue and other streets surrounding Michigan’s seat of government in Lansing. Because it was Democrats that the people were protesting, Colbert jumps in to make fools of the people standing up for their basic rights.

“Liberty once lost is lost forever,” read a sign draped across a commercial van. “Security without liberty is called prison,” read another, stretched across the Capitol’s front lawn. “Recall Whitmer,” a third sign said.

Justin Heyboer of Alto, Michigan, an owner of Wildwood Family Farms, said his family has been in business for four generations and the order is financially crippling on several fronts. The company does landscaping, has greenhouses, hosts weddings and has a liquor license, he said.

“This is our busiest time of year,” said Heyboer, who drove to Lansing for the demonstration dubbed “Operation Gridlock” because organizers said they wanted to gain attention by tying up traffic.

“I’d rather die from the coronavirus than see a generational company be gone.”

Whitmer responded to the protests by stating the gathering of people against state orders could be used as fuel to extend the stay at home orders even further.

As millions in Michigan continue to lose their incomes and livelihoods, at least they will get five minutes of fame being brutally mocked by a multi-millionaire celebrity laughing at their plight for daring to bring a flag supportive of the president.

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3 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert Mocks Citizens Protesting Government Overreach During Coronavirus Lockdowns

  1. What a piece of shit Stephen Colbert is. Those people in Michigan were treated like trash by they’re own governor and Colbert sides with a communist all because she’s a Democrat. I hope Colbert burns in hell.

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