Is Hollywood’s Attack On Christianity Contributing To The Lost Of Faith?

Hollywood’s favorite pastime is using its film and television content to take aim at followers of Christ. Hollywood’s atheists and agnostics creators using their platform to spite Christianity is hardly a news story, but is the effectiveness of their attacks causing a critical mass in the culture war?

According to the Washington Times, Americans professing no religious affiliation is now a quarter of the population, overtaking Catholics and Protestants to become the single largest group on the religious landscape. As church attendance continues to decline, the public ridicule of Christian values is not only becoming more rampant but more mainstream. The numbers don’t lie that Americans are rejecting the word of God at an increasing rate our nation’s media could be a large factor.

Despite the election of Donald Trump many conservatives live under the false comfort that they are winning the culture war when they are very much losing it at an alarming rate. The three pillars of influence in the US today is academia, entertainment, and news media. All three have huge impacts on how our nation views current events, history, and culture. Media watchdogs such as Newsbusters have chronicled numerous moments of blasphemy in Hollywood and it isn’t a coincidence that they attack are ramping up as Christianity is rapidly falling.

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Television has become the hub for agnostic screenwriters to take their personal feelings towards Christianity out of the viewers. These writers have accomplished this in three ways. The first being a general mockery of Christ. Mocking Jesus and/or God has become commonplace in entertainment. From shows such as TBS’s Miracle Workers which portrays their own version of God, just to call him a lazy, inept idiot. Shows like Netflix’s The First Temptation of Christ, which is a “comedy” that is a full-blown mockery of Christianity portraying Christ in a homosexual relationship for laughs. Mocking the creator is the greatest tool for delegitimatizing the religion.

The second wave of attack, mocking the believers. Writers cannot contain their disdain for Christians if they tried and they don’t miss an opportunity to weaponize scripture against their enemies. From CBS’s Madam Secretary telling Christians that they can’t love God if they deny climate change to shows like Fox’s Empire celebrating the rejection of the church. Hollywood has even attacked left-wing churches for what they deem to be hostility toward the LBGT community, meaning being a left-wing Christian does not spare you from their ire.

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That brings us to our final wave of attack and this isn’t a shock to anyone. The biggest weapon Hollywood has in its arsenal is the LGBT community. Over the last decade, the LGBT lobby has gained massive power in Tinseltown leading to a significant increase in the number of gay and trans characters on television, a number that GLAAD is actively working with Hollywood to double in the next couple of years. With more LGBT content in front and behind the camera, their natural enemy would traditionalist Christians who refuse to give up on traditional marriage and opposition to homosexuality as quoted in the bible (ironic given the left also attacks Christians for allegedly not following scripture).

Television is only one aspect of the Hollywood smear machine as films are no stranger to attack the nation’s top religion. Christian movies are universally panned by critics for promotion Christian values and films that mock them are praised among the society of critics. Films such as Sauage Party get rave reviews for Christian bashing while tanking with audiences. Conversely, Christian movies such as I’m Not Ashamed is loved by audiences and despised by Critics.

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For a group of people who thrive on the idea that they do not have the power to influence or “punch down”, the left-wing agonistic lobby’s stranglehold on entertainment tells a different story. Hollywood controls mainstream entertainment and they have popularized blasphemous entertainment at a rate that religious cynicism is the new norm. The frequency of their faith-based hostility is greatly contributing to younger generations raised by television to view Christianity with the same venom as those in the industry. The influence of Hollywood certainly is not the sole factor of the decline of Christianity in America but it certainly cannot be ignored either. Because if we do, the silent majority will quickly become the silent minority.

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4 thoughts on “Is Hollywood’s Attack On Christianity Contributing To The Lost Of Faith?

    1. Monks and Amish folk control their environments to control the number of temptations that they must resist or control. Any Christian who does not control their environments one way or another are going to have a problem, or at least not reach their potential.

      1 Corinthians 15:33 – Do not be deceived: Bad company corrupts good morals. … How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked,

      Spending your time watching unGodly teleplays may well be considered “walking in the council of the wicked”, IMO.

  1. Get rid of the people who are running Hollywood. Those people clearly only care about they’re bigotry.

  2. It seems to me that virtually all programming incorporates cynical materialist assumptions in the teleplays. These include numerous “family” programs. In the movie “Rosemary’s Baby”, Rosemary, as the unwitting mother of Satan is daily fed a demonic drug without her knowledge. She describes the drink as having a “chalky under taste”. Since the 80s I have had difficulty watching any series on American TV because there is too often a “chalky under taste” in the teleplays. What this constitutes is a religious indoctrination on a daily basis. If you spend an hour in church every week but watch 40 hours of materialist programming, you are obviously going to be sliding away from the Truth.

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