Rapper T.I. Sides With Iran’s Call To Kill American Leaders, Bashes America

Those who hate America will never fight to defend it.

Rapper/Actor Clifford Joseph Harris known by his rap name T.I. raised eyebrows after a baffling series of Instagram posts which not only targeted the United States of America but sided with Iran’s calls to kill American leaders.

Last week, The U.S. drone struck a Baghdad airport killing Qassim Suleimani, a top Iranian Commander. The attack drew ire from Democrats and Progressives claiming that it would lead to World War 3, a claim that was also made following recent conflicts with North Korea and Syria.

While many on the left have made a personal plea to Iran to avoid conflict, Rapper T.I. took it a step further. On Saturday, the rapper took to Instagram and posted a 10-month-old video of Iranian president, Ali Khamenei telling a room of Iranian soldiers that their infamous “Death To America” chants, which has been a staple of the region for decades, really means Death to President Trump, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and other American leaders.

Harris took to Instagram to not only agree with the supreme leader of Iran but then proceeded to bash America’s history of racism in defense of the state sponsor of terror.

Harris wrote:

Yep…Ummm-Hmmm…Exactly What HE Said‼️ Ain’t no Iranian never called me no Nigger,infested our communities wit dope & then locked us up for it,allowed the police to pull us over & gun us down with no accountability,or enslaved us and tried to act like da shit ain’t happen. So… as I pray for our soldiers…I’m also gon be praying for theirs. THIS AINT OUR WAR CHAMP!!! #DontStartShitWontBeShit #MAGAHatsAughtaGoFirst

Madman Films

The supreme leader claims in the video that “Death To America” only applies to Trump and his regime but Iran has used this chant for many years, including targeting the Obama administration before Trump, dispelling any notion that Iran only has hatred for Trump and not Americans in general as the video below shows.

If siding with a Iran’s call to kill Americans wasn’t bad enough, Harris would then follow up on his attack on America by claiming that the real evil is the KKK in America.

“Riddle Me This, How come America can go to other countries and wipe out evil people but can’t get rid of the KKK here”

T.I.’s posts were celebrated by multiple celebrities such as Jamie Foxx and Omar Epps along with various Hollywood musicians. Numerous left-wing celebrities such as Rose McGowan have been criticized for their recent public statements seemingly siding with the hostile foreign nation. However, showing pure disdain for America and agreeing with foreign calls to kill American leaders including the President of the United States looks to be a new low that may not be topped.

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47 thoughts on “Rapper T.I. Sides With Iran’s Call To Kill American Leaders, Bashes America

    1. Sorry about that. I just hate that T.I. is siding with Iran and wishing death on American leaders. T.I. still makes me sick to my stomach.

      1. America has been wishing death upon the black community for hundreds of years…And that makes me sick to my stomach…

    2. Why Because he’s being Truthful Trump and his followers are wolf in sheep’s clothing I wish T.I. Nothing but blessings

  1. Considering he routinely checks his daughters virginity, he would fit right in over there. Fuckin’ loser.

    1. Move to Iran, you low-IQ, illiterate fucq!
      You’re from here, so why do you talk and write like you’re mentally retarded?

  2. Soooo … He is not an American ? He is the same guy saying when nipsy was killed that no matter who it is blacks can’t rat . Even if you know who killed … Anyone you don’t talk ! … I wonder would be feel the same if it was his momma shot ? ? ?

      1. He needs to go to Iran with the rest of the fucking idiots. What a dickhead!!!

    1. The families who fight for our country actually love this nation and choose to fight for it voluntary unlike some of you who hate it based it some shit you were never involved with so save us the fake concern for the Troops. You guys are defending the people who want them dead

  3. TRULY, TRULY DUMB UN-EDUCATED, SPOUT-BULLSHIT FOOL inviting more people to disrespect his community. Iran is KNOWN to be a major contributor in the drug traffic coming to America!!!!! Iranians are absolute bigots when it comes to Black people. There is NO SUCH THING AS A BLACK IRANIAN.

    1. If Iran is a contributor who did they connect with to get it here in America it dam sure wasn’t a black person maybe a white man in black face. Blacks don’t have the boats to ship it, they don’t manufacture guns either but they conveniently find themselves in black communities.

      1. Obama send Iran millions to billions of dollars in cash and put together the Nuclear Deal allowing them to obtain nuclear capablities…but I guess that was his “white” side that did that

  4. This is dumb. The Klan is a Christian organization and as American as apple pie 🍏 🥧 🐍

    1. U r as dumb s a box of rocks if u the that the KKK is a Christian organization. I have never know God to want to kill a race of ppl as bad as they do. Inorder for anyone to say this u must be apart or feel the way they do about blacks. Yes T.I. is a rapper but he is still a citizen of the American and has the right to voice his opinion if u keep listening and following Donald Trump u dumb ass will be killed too. Wake the hell up and realize y’all being played this man is making more hell on Earth than the devil himself. I have to say this even though Bush and his father didn’t care to much about us either, I can say I was never worried this much about my life or my children’s future.

    2. “This nation was originally a Muslim nation and the Constitution was derived from Muslim Law! Facts!!”

      Ok…NOW I understand where these comments are coming from.

  5. Then this traitor should just go live in Iran then since the US has treated him so horribly.

    Rappers make garbage which morons call music these days, who the fuck cares about their opinions on anything?

  6. Color me shocked, another rapper who hates everything about America except their bank accounts

  7. Remember Treason? Remember when that was a thing?

    Not a single person is keeping you here against your will

  8. Everyone can say what they want. But truth be told u have a blind leader. A selfish man. That when the shit really pops off is going to run and hide under a rock. Yea ok the dude was bad but not really a terrorist he was no real threat. Trump just wanted the heat off impeachment saw a quick route and took it. He is putting us in some shit that we dont really have any part in. Iran and the U.S been going at in for about 40 yrs. They been having issues but still resolve them in a better way then what trump tried to do. So they ain’t trippin of US they are trippin off of him. I mean really he couldnt even address the nation and offer any kind words or anything to any of the families waiting to hear from sons daughters fathers and mothers. INSTEAD he TWEETED If it was any other president A REAL ONE at that they would have done just that. BUT HE RAN FROM THAT ALSO. Shoot as long as IRAN ain’t got no problem with me I’m good with them. N that’s just how ppl need to live thier life really.

    1. “as long as IRAN ain’t got no problem with me I’m good with them.”

      They have been chanting “Death to America” for countries. I think they got a problem with you so no, you are not “good” with them

      1. Since u feel so strongly about this let me see how many of u supports of trump will line up and fight to keep ur so called equal country. U won’t see u talk a good game till u have to but ur” money where it mouth is” I be damn if I protect a country that has never gave a damn about me or my race and u won’t me to sacrifice my life and or my children’s lives so that ur white ass can continue to live ur comfortable lives hell naw. Wen whites cause mess and hell u always want all the races to pull together and fight naw u created this damn mess u fix it periodt ‼️

      2. I’m not white. It’s quite amazing that alot of you have this intense hatred for all white people because you think all of them hate you, to the point that you are defending an nation that legitmately wants to kill you and yes, that means black and brown people too (Not every brown country is your ally against white people).

        P.S. Try googling “Minarchism”

  9. I agree with T.I….and the only people that are mad at him are racist white folks…i mean honestly, when have America sided with black people?…and please dont say civil rights or affirmative action. White America cheers police brutality against blacks, you refuse to give reparations for slavery, and for jim crow which was NOT THAT long ago, you call police for no reason, you’re still a country full of self-entitled racist assholes that cant see no further than your fucking nose… Half of you hillybilly angry kkkracker jacks probably hate black people anyway. T.I. is right and i will stay my black ass right here in america, you go back to the caves of europe. This is NOT your country white man

      1. The 13 was not for black people forreal it was to preserve the union and a ploy to turn enslaved blacks against their southern slave masters if it was they would have never allowed the come out of the black codes to immediately undermined it

    1. Fuck you!! I have friends of all colors and nationalities. Just because you are mad, doesn’t mean its okay to call white people racist. You buddy, are a fucking joke

  10. Has anyone watched the Boondocks?

    T.I. is Thugnificent. He uses a few big words and has some rehashed radical theories and people think he’s some authority to lookup to for foreign and domestic policies.

    He’s an rapper who has injected himself into politics without knowing anything but but has a large backing within the black community because he says things like “reparations should be given to all black Americans”. Bread and circus really.


  11. I agree with this youngsta that the american greed has went to far and it’s time for somebody to stand up to the bully.. Everyone on this post who said some crazy things about this youngsta should burn in hell themselves.

  12. “America hates black people, it’s racist af, they oppress us and they want us all dead” – Idiot

    “Then leave” – Rational Person

    “NO!!!!” – Idiot

    This is why Trump is going to win 2020 in landslide. This is like trying to ration with a plank of wood.

  13. I see no issue with his statements. He’s right. S/O TIP!! don’t start stuff it won’t be nuffin. I said what I said.

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