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Not Woke Enough: Progressives Outraged That Hollywood Still Isn’t ‘Diverse’ Enough

In an industry that is desperately looking to become less white and less male, it looks like change is not happening fast enough for those who demand it. 

In the world of intersectional feminism, you are never quite woke enough no matter who much you try. If you thought that the record number of women in leading roles this year was a step in the right direction of ‘diversity and inclusion’, you are wrong. Despite the two year push for female empowerment in the age of #MeToo, progressives are still unhappy because it turns out that the majority of women that are being pushed are white.

According to San Diego State University’s Center For the Study of Women in Television and Film, the number of female characters in the box office hit a record high but 68% of them were white. White women made up an even higher percentage of major characters at 70%. Representation for some women of color decreased slightly from 2018 to 20% for Black female characters, 7% for Asian women and 5% for Hispanic women.

The study comes on the heels of major progressive outrage that this year’s BAFTA award nominations did not feature any minorities in the four major acting catalogers and no women nominated for best directing. The nominations have led to widespread criticism of racism and sexism within the British film industry similar to those calls of racism in the American film comedy a few years ago. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts, which has already made strides to have more diversity in their awards nominations said that there will be a root and branch review of how the BAFTA Film Awards are voted on going forward

In an industry that is desperately looking to become less white and less male, it looks like change is not happening fast enough for those who demand it.

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  1. Probably the same ones that invaded you’re website to side with T.I. and Iran. Especially one who reply to me and thinks he’s being ”truthful”. Typical traitorous leftist. Hollywood should just tell these Regressives(pretending to be Progressives) to screw off, they need to make money, not please these insane invaders.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The problem is that Hollywood is now infested with progressivism to the point they can’t tell them to screw off anymore. It’s like a Bed Bug problem, the only thing that kills it is scorched earth.


  2. These idiots are ruining cinema, they don’t understand that talent in acting doesn’t have a color or gender, you are either born with it or not . Hollywood is shoving these ”diverse” characters down our throat played by talentless hacks in the hope of appeasing the alphabet community. Watching these big film companies with all the flops they did recently is making me happy.


  3. Demands for representation in entertainment are inherently anti-capitalist, and the people making those demands are overwhelmingly likely to be marxists/communists. Intersectionalism is simply the latest rebrand for authoritarian leftism.


  4. Since there’s nothing we can do about it at this point, I recommend we just sit back and enjoy the show. The people who make far left Hollywood culture what it is are overwhelmingly white – which is at odds with the new demographics of 30 years of open borders, subsidizing far left university curriculum and welfare for illegal 3rd world aliens. Policies which they all tacitly approved of. Now they can experience the fun of being run out of their own industry by the anointed victim classes as so many have in other parts of the country. SoCal being a prime example.


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