Uncut Gems Review: The Unofficial Biography Of Dave Portnoy

The story of a habitual line stepper.

People wrote off Adam Sandler’s acting abilities quite some time ago. Almost 20 years of sub-par to terrible comedies later and most people cringe whenever they hear he has a new film out in theaters. Well, this movie is anything but funny, Uncut Gems is the story of a man who can’t get out of his own way and it is one of Sandler’s best performances in decades.


Sandler plays Howard Ratner, an owner of a jewelry shop who basically lies, cheats, and borderline steals to maintain a life that is falling apart at the seams. Howard owes money to just about every bookie in town due to his massive gambling debts, he cashes in what little money he makes in order to pay off the next person in line, his family is falling apart, and every time things are looking up, they come crashing down mostly to his own accord.

On one hand it pretty difficult to sympathize with a guy who is his own worst enemy, you can’t say that Howard doesn’t deserve every bad thing that has happened to him but at a certain point, you can’t help but to feel for a guy whose every attempt to get out of a hole leads to an even bigger hole. The film is a character study of a man consumed by his own vices. The story is enthralling for a 135-minute epic as the film progresses, you are encaptured in the question of how can things possibly get any worse. Filmmakers The Safdie Brothers (Joshua & Benjamin) take influence from Martin Scorsese in order to portray a modern-day New York underbelly. The grittiness does wonders for a realistic setting and makes for an even more crushing story so don’t into expecting to leave in a good mood.


Uncut Gems is a great cinematic piece and an absolute gem to watch before the end of the year.







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