Bombshell Review: This Was Supposed To Be Oscar Bait?

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Bombshell marketed itself as a Fox News hit piece from the very beginning. The only way the film could justify its existence was to pretend to tackle the “tough issues” of sexual harassment in the workplace in the era of #MeToo. However, Bombshell fundamentally fails at this objective in three ways.

Hilary B Gayle

First of all, the idea of Hollywood shedding any light into the #MeToo era is laughable because they are the ones who caused this in the first place. The industry that shielded Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Bryan Singer (notice you don’t see any movies exposing those guys coming out any time soon) and God knows how many under predators who are still in hiding comes off as extremely disingenuous when that same industry suddenly wants to be the voice of truth. The second problem arrives from the fact this film is pure fiction and it doesn’t even try to hide it. Sure Fox News wasn’t going to be looked at positively and the fact of the matter is, they absolutely have issues with harassment within their ranks. However, the people in charge of telling this story hate Fox News too much to put their own opinions aside and focus on the story at hand.

Not only does Bombshell have to portray the network as openly racist and bigoted because that is what progressives have been bred to believe about the top-rated cable network, but they also include absurd claims such as President Trump poisoning Megyn Kelly while he was running for office. If the film was a full-blown parody then have at it, but the filmmakers want to pretend that they are telling a true story while adding in bullshit like this that completely destroys any ounce of realism they thought they had.

Hilary B Gayle

Finally, you have the third and final problem, this film was clearly made by progressives and for progressives. However, progressives hate Fox News because you portray them as the devil. So then when you tell a story that is supposed to sympathize with the women who work for the devil, your progressive audience hates them too much to sympathize with anything. Not only do you fundamentally fail at storytelling because of it, but it then begs the question, who the hell is the film? All you succeeded in was making a movie that can’t be enjoyed by anyone.

Director Jay Roach and screenwriter Charles Randolph created a hit piece on Fox News that even the people furthest on the left can’t even stand. Roach is no stranger to rewriting Democrat history in a light that favors them looking at his catalog of films attacking multiple Republican administrations, but this story is proven to be a job he is not qualified to apply for.

Hilary B Gayle

As far as the acting goes, Charlize Theron pretty much nails Megyn Kelly to a tee which is impressive seeing they never even met because Theron hates her too much. Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie offer nothing special and Kate McKinnon gets less funny with every role. Bombshell’s hypocrisy is too much to be taken seriously by anyone.




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3 thoughts on “Bombshell Review: This Was Supposed To Be Oscar Bait?

  1. Funny, because I always found Jeff Zucker of CNN to be the real devil. And Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon being his two lackeys. So Jay Roach is already stupid.😝

  2. Since sexual harassment has been going on in all the news organizations it would have been a great idea to make a film ala Sidney Lumet’s “Network” hocusing on sexual harassment but with a non specific cable news company. That isn’t going to happen because Trump has driven these people into spittle flinging insanity. So they make a trivial anti-GOP propaganda film that will be as significant in the long run as a mouse fart in a hurricane.

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