Daily Mail Confirms James Bond Is Set For A Radical Feminist Makeover

Much like what we saw from Terminator Dark Date, The Daily Mail is confirming that the next installment of 007 is set to reboot the franchise into an all-female direction with some sources going as far as to call it “the most politically correct James Bond movie ever”.


On Sunday, the Daily Mail confirmed what many of the film’s producers have been trying to hide from general audiences, that the latest James Bond movie entitled No Time to Die is not only going to be the ‘wokest’ film of the franchise but looks to move it in a more female-friendly direction. The new film, which is set to have a 250 million dollar production budget, is said to have been approved for the “#MeToo” era.

The script has Bond marrying Dr. Madeleine Swann – the psychologist played by French actress Lea Seydoux who first appeared in 2015’s Spectre. But she refuses to take her new husband’s name.

The morning after their wedding, Bond wakes sleepy-eyed and says ‘Good morning, Mrs. Bond’, to which she replies: ‘Don’t you mean Ms. Swann?’

A source said: ‘The phrase ‘Bond girl’ was outlawed from the set. The women in this film are all strong, brave and fiercely independent. These women are not helpless girls who jump into bed with Bond – their reactions are very different from what people might think.

‘Bond tries his usual seduction techniques but they fail miserably. It’s very funny.’


The film made headlines earlier in the Summer when news that Lashana Lynch was going to replace James Bond and become the first black and female 007. The call for those plans had been quieted due to the negative online response to the announcement but the film itself is set for Lynch to set over the reins of Bond in her own spinoff series in the future.

She was determined her character should be a ‘real’ woman ‘who has issues with her weight and maybe questions what’s going on with her boyfriend’.

She even discussed something which has never made it into a Bond film before: ‘We had one conversation about her maybe being on her period in one scene and… throwing her tampon [into the bin].’

The film’s producer Barbara Broccoli told The Hollywood Reporter that she has worked hard with both Lynch and Ana de Armas to create a new type of female Bond character who is much more fully realized than the “Bond girls” of films past. Broccoli, who also was key in bringing Lynch on board, has been vocal about the franchise’s need to evolve.

“#MeToo has influenced our culture, which is a great thing, so of course it’s going to influence everything we do on Bond,”


No Time to Die is being written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who is known for writing the British comedy Fleabag. The show is described as a comedy-drama about a single, angry, confused, and a sexually voracious young woman living in London. Waller-Bridge is the first female writer in the history of the Bond franchise and was brought in to give a ‘female perspective’ to the film. She also played the feminist robot L3-37 in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The film is also set to tackle progressive issues such as climate change and eco-friendliness. The villain of the film, played by last year’s Oscar winner Rami Malek, is said to be an eco-terrorist who will target the world’s oceans. Bond’s classic car, the Aston Martin will be replaced with the electric Rapide E model of the car. No Time to Die will be released April 3, 2020 in the United Kingdom and on April 8, 2020 in the United States.

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20 thoughts on “Daily Mail Confirms James Bond Is Set For A Radical Feminist Makeover

  1. Sounds like a winner. I hear “Wahminator 13” or whatever number it is has bombed so hard the investors could lose 200 million bucks. Looks like Bond is on the same trajectory. No big loss. We’ll always have the Connery Bonds and the rest were all pale imitations or ugly mutations like the Daniel Craig “Emo” Bond.

  2. Here we go again. Would not surprise me if No Time To Die bombs at the box office and puts James Bond in a coma for 10 years. #GetWokeGoBroke

    1. Don’t do it don’t make it a woman bond is a man’s job Henry holding I think that’s his name the Asian guy in the new field will be a perfect bong English accent he’s Asian but he’s not a woman come on people on a girl please

      1. Oh Christ, you’re back? I’m not complaining about a woman you idiot. I’m complaining about a far left agenda the producers are pushing.

    1. To see far left entertainment producers “occupying” the franchises that white males preferentially liked is both disgusting and infuriating. I believe this is the wealthy far left’s version of demonstrators standing in the road refusing to let people pass to force the punters to pay attention to their cause.

      1. Hey Fred90024 – feel free to get out there & get writing & start your own franchise. As you’re so against ‘left entertainment’ im assuming your franchise will be right wing & from the point of view of the (usually) capitalist villains – will Trump be your hero in an orange cape ? Can’t wait…..but I think I’ll be waiting a long time for your creative vision to hit the screens.

  3. Just got my “From Russia With Love” poster recently. Best part about it, is the image of the belly dancing gypsy girl, as well as the two half naked gypsy girls fighting over a man!! I think it has a sheet clad agent Romanova too!!

  4. Any article beginning ‘the Daily Fail is confirming…’ can be taken with a very large pinch of salt. They can’t even get the facts in the article right – the script isn’t ‘being written’ by PWB (don’t they also mean WAS written – since it’s already been filmed so isn’t ‘being written’) – she was brought in to polish the exciting script & add some dialogue. More tedious click bait

  5. It’s actually disgusting, why should the real fans suffer? People think these are big concerns in the world nowadays, it’s not.

  6. Just like everything else in the new so called modern world,they will ruin the hole James Bond experiences in the name of Political correctness . I for one will not be watching my all time favourite series of films any more , you have ruined it well done ….IDIOTS.

  7. Producer Cubby Broccoli would be saddened over what his daughter has done to his legendary movie series, and original author Ian Fleming would disapprove as well. She allowed the blatant over-commercialization of those ubiquitous, and prominent, product placements, and Halle Berry’s character fought the villain that nearly destroyed Bond’s career. The MeToo movement did not require replacing the protagonist. James Bond audiences are not going to a new women’s action movie. The Wokers are not confident in making their own franchises, so they insist on taking over those already established, hoping to influence attitudes through mutating familiar and liked vehicles. They do not care if it is fatal, because they consider them illegitimate to their world view. It is interesting they gave up giving away the 007 number. Since the scene was supposed to be a surprise, leaking it to the media was a trial ballon, shot down in Bond style. There have been no indications that the promoted 001Woman has her own series. She will take over the franchise, and Bond will be relegated to cameo appearances as a supporting character. It is another example of the end of entertainment for entertainment’s sake.

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