The Dayton 500 is right around the corner so what better way to celebrate the racing season than with a racing movie…from China. Despite the fact that this film is advertised as a comedy, don’t expect a Talladega Nights film or else you will be very disappointed. Pegasus isn’t a film about laughs but a film about redemption.

Our story begins with a disgraced racer named Zhang Chi (Teng Shen). Zhang was one of the best racers in China and a former six-time racing champion, however, after being caught in an illegal race, he is served a five-year suspension from the motorsport. Now that his suspension is up, he looks to finally return to the sport that he been his lifelong passion. The problem, after being away for five years, he has no car, no money, no sponsors, and an image that is anything but favorable. It is up to Zhang Chi to get his own racing crew back together and help him complete the comeback story for the ages.

Pegasus is a surprisingly slow-paced film. You get a pretty entertaining backstory on our protagonist but afterwards, the pace begins to slow down considerably. Despite being a racing film, you don’t even see our main character in a car until the 3rd act meaning there isn’t much action and it isn’t funny enough to overlook it. It feels like they tried to cram in too many angles for this movie and with a runtime of just over 90 minutes, not all of them worked leaving the movie with an uneven feel.  The film hits its stride in the 2nd half with audiences but even then you will try to figure out exactly what director Han Han was going for. Pegasus has its cinematic moments but is a disappointing effort in all.









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