Trevor Noah: The Second Amendment Was Not Made For Black Folks

Jon Stewart may have done more damage to late night television than any other man in America because ever since he stepped down from The Daily Show in 2015, late-night comedy has turned into pseudo-intellectual progressive propaganda with most of Stewart’s former ‘comedians’ leading the charge. If you need proof, look no further than Jon’s Daily Show replacement, Trevor Noah who used his ‘comedy’ show to state that the constitution doesn’t apply to black people in America.

On Tuesday night, the South African comedian used a story from Alabama about a mall police shooting to slam America, police officers, and the constitution. The story goes that on November 23, a private police officer responded to an active shooter who shot an 18-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl. Within seconds, police officers at the scene believed that they had taken out the shooter, 21-year-old identified as Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. However, hours later, police issued a release correcting the record, suggesting that although Bradford was fleeing the shooting scene while brandishing a handgun…he likely did not fire the rounds that injured two people. The gunman is believed to still be at large.

As the investigation is still ongoing, this did not stop late night host Trevor Noah from taking a break from his ‘comedy’ (which is 90% Trump bashing) to grandstand on his show and turn the incident into a racial issue.

“How does this shit keep happening he cops are called into a situation. They see a black person. And then immediately they shoot.” Noah Said

“Even if we work within a world where the police truly believed he was the shooter, (insinuating that the cops didn’t believe he was the shooter and just shot him because he was black).  When white male mass shooters do die, he added, it’s most often because they shoot themselves. When it’s a black man, he said the process is too often “shoot now, ask questions later.”

Noah finishes his rant by attacking the second amendment, “The Second Amendment is not intended for black people, It’s an uncomfortable thing to say, but it’s the truth. If you’re a black person in America, gun rights are not for you. It’s as simple as that,”

Noah concluded. “It’s some bullshit, but it’s true. The Second Amendment was not made for black folks.”

In what looks like a tragic story of mistaken identity is now turned into a national race issue by those who wish to believe that the only reason why Bradford Jr. was shot during an active shooter situation was that he was black. Without evidence, the media loves to magnify race over the facts of the story which we have seen time and time again leads to riots, violence, and deaths because of those who wish to capitalize on emotion in other to push their agenda.

This is no evidence that suggests or supports that this incident was anything more than an officer believing he was stopping a mass shooting in progress but the truth has never mattered to progressives who never fail to let a good tragedy go to waste.


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