Schumer: F*** Hyde-Smith And Anyone Who Voted For Her.

Progressive activist and part-time comedienne Amy Schumer, who has yet to move to Spain since Donald Trump won the election is still reeling from the fact that Democrats are losing elections. On Tuesday night, Schumer posted a video on Instagram slamming the state of Mississippi and anyone who voted for Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith.

“I’m so grateful and excited to be a mom. I’m grateful I have access to healthcare, as we all should have. But I guess what I’m really saying is Fuck Hyde-Smith and anyone who voted for her. My feelings on her are best expressed by the above video. And I don’t usually agree with speaking ill of crackheads, but she has a crackhead looking mouth. Tiny racist teeth. Also, the MLB commissioner donated the max he could to her confederate ass campaign and that was after her crack mouth said she would attend a public hanging.”


Last night, Hyde-Smith’s won the Mississippi Senate runoff election defeating Democrat Mike Espy by seven points. Hyde-Smith was attacked by Democrats in the final days of the election due to an offensive joke she made saying she would attend a “public hanging” while running in a state that had a history of racial lynchings. Her victory in the Senate gives Republicans an official 53-47 majority in the Senate.

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2 thoughts on “Schumer: F*** Hyde-Smith And Anyone Who Voted For Her.

  1. I swear there’s a common template for tweets originating from Hollywood: “Fuck [Insert name of conservative] and anyone who voted for [gender].”

    Must save them all a bunch of time when they race to tweet their garbage opinions after the democrat they never heard about 2 weeks before loses an election they didn’t know was happening 2 weeks before.

  2. Good Lord has she gone off the deep end? I haven’t followed her for a few years and i know we can all make fun of her tired and reused jokes and yada yada yada, but this Instagram post makes her seem legitimately crazy and hateful.

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