Robin Hood (2018) Review: ANTIFA Batman Fails With Everybody

Nothing says down with the capitalist system more like a 100 million film that panders to Marxists in hopes of creating a new cinematic universe. Robin Hood in many ways is a blueprint figure for the modern-day Democrat party, steal from the evil rich people and give their wealth to the righteous poor. So why does a film which such a story fail so badly with critics and audiences? Because it tries to be so many things at once, it ends up pleasing nobody…also, the film is utterly boring.


Robin Hood is yet another modern-day retelling of the story we have seen a million times before. In this version, Robin, played by Taron Egerton, is a wealthy young lord who falls in love with a radical socialist who tried to rob him (yes, this happened). One day, Robin is drafted into an unjust war where he is forced to kill brown people under the orders one a power-hungry tyrant (oh boy). Four years later, Robin returns home to a country in turmoil as wealth inequality is running wild. The rich are stealing from the poor to fund a war based on lies and it’s up to Robin and his friend from Arabia, John (Jamie Foxx) to take the fight to the system and burn it down.

Robin Hood isn’t a movie as much as it is an ANTIFA training video. To the point that you have a scene straight out of a Milo Yiannopoulos campus riot where hundreds of “Merry Men” turn into masked Anarcho-Communists who rise up against their oppressors. There is heavy social commentary about the Catholic Church (and Christians in general), strong anti-war undertones about the Middle East, as well as some healthy disdain for the rich. Needless to say, if you are right of center, you are probably going to have a bad time, but the question remains, why does everyone else hate it?


Objectively, Robin Hood is a painfully dull action film with no adventure, no emotion, and some rough-looking special effects. Forget trying to shove in modern politics to an overtold story, Robin Hood fails at the simple lore of its own story. Much of the plot focuses on stealing from the state to give back to…the state. The acting is dreadful, Jamie Foxx, who for some reason is playing a Muslim of Arab descent struggles to maintain any consistency with his accent and his friendship with Robin couldn’t be anymore manufactured if it had a Nike logo on it. The biggest giveaway of this film’s failure is, it doesn’t even win over the progressive audience who would enjoy its message which means they successfully made a film that pleases nobody.

Robin Hood may have set up a road for future films, but they likely aren’t coming anytime soon, or not ever.




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4 thoughts on “Robin Hood (2018) Review: ANTIFA Batman Fails With Everybody

  1. With a few recuts, rewrites and dubbing, sounds like it could be re purposed into a pretty cool comedy.
    =”What’s Up Tiger Lily?”.

  2. Jesus. I knew this was going to be bad, but it’s getting fucking ridiculous how far this “subliminal messaging” is going to the point where you mine as well as just call it “messaging.”

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