The Possession of Hannah Grace Review: In This Verison Of Boston, Not One Person Wears A Tom Brady Jersey

November 30th, 2018 will forever be known as the week Hollywood took a knee and gave up on theatrical film releases. The only wide theatrical release this week is a late November horror film called The Possession of Hannah Grace starring Shay Mitchell, the 4th best actress from Pretty Little Liars. Well Hollywood, if you don’t give damn, we don’t a give f***.


The Possession of Hannah Grace takes place in an alternate reality version of Boston where not a single person wears a Patriots Jersey, a Red Sox cap, or speaks with a Boston accent. Megan Reed (Mitchell) is a former police officer dealing with PTSD who decides to take a graveyard shift at THE DARKEST HOSPITAL ON PLANET EARTH. Working in the morgue, she receives the body of a girl who supposedly died over three months ago. What she doesn’t know is that the body is possessed by a demon who looks to kill as many people as possible in order to regenerate her body. Why? Who knows and it is later deemed to be not important to the conclusion of the story.

So many things wrong here. First off, as explained Shay Mitchell is not the strongest actress, her claim to fame is being on the hilariously bad Pretty Little Liars television show and she was the weakest actress on it due to her inexperience. Here she provides a very dry and emotionless performance but that is the least of this film’s worries. Watching this I kept asking why isn’t this a Netflix film? This movie is not worthy of a wide theater release.


So many nuance issues with the film such as a lack of authenticity with the setting, the lack of detail with genre tropes, the fact it establishes no rules to the monster in question because it can just do whatever it wants and all efforts to stop it are pointless. The plot revolves around a morgue so dark it would violate safety regulations, as our protagonists try to burn the cursed body of a girl to stop a demon from killing people. However, after burning the body the demon just jumps into another girl and the film ends…what? Whenever your audience leaves the theater with audible grumbles of disapproval, you’ve failed and that’s an automatic 0/5.

The Possession of Hannah Grace is the second worst horror film starring a Pretty Little Liars alum this year and is the longest 86 minute film of the last five.




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