Intimate Strangers (2018) Review: Not Sure This Is The ‘Comedy’ You Were Expecting

It’s probably true that most people have information on their phones that could destroy their lives or somebody else’s, then again that doesn’t excuse the fact that some individuals are just terrible people. Intimate Strangers is a film about one night that goes terribly wrong because everyone has a secret to hide.

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As a group of Lifelong friends, come together for a seemly innocent housewarming dinner, they end up playing a game where they must share all messages and calls of their cell phones as they come in. In what starts off as a lighthearted game turns into an uncomfortable hellish night as secrets start to surface and our group of lifelong friends realizes that they really don’t know anything about each other, and some details, they wish they hadn’t known.

The South Korean remake of Intimate Strangers is an entertaining comedy that really doesn’t feel like that much of a comedy at times and that seems the central issue. A film that is played for laughs most of the way through begins to take a really dark turn to the point you begin to wonder if the film would have been better going in the direction of a full drama or thriller instead. The secrets that are revealed range from embarrassing to downright deplorable as our characters who are supposed to be lifelong friends are guilty of things you would only do to your worst enemy. The cast is outstanding and overall this is a very well-acted movie. Cho Jin-woong is a name that has come up a lot this year with films such as Believer and The Spy Gone North, while he has a much dialed down performance from his earlier action/thriller movies, his work here is what gives the film its likable charm as he provides a balance to a disjointed narrative.

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Intimate Strangers is a film full of ups and downs. While it is mostly enjoyable, you will have a hard time deciding how to feel when it is all said and done.




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2 thoughts on “Intimate Strangers (2018) Review: Not Sure This Is The ‘Comedy’ You Were Expecting

  1. Koreans are great making soap operas and personal dramas. Comedy, not so much, so your observation is likely bang on.

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