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Intimate Strangers (2018) Review: Not Sure This Is The ‘Comedy’ You Were Expecting

It’s probably true that most people have information on their phones that could destroy their lives or somebody else’s, then again that doesn’t excuse the fact that some individuals are just terrible people. Intimate Strangers is a film about one night that goes terribly wrong because everyone has a secret to hide.

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The Spy Gone North Review

Set in the late 1990s, The Spy Gone North is a story about government corruption and international politics during the height of tension between North and South Korea. The North Korea dictatorship led by Kim Jong-Il has increased the political tension of his neighbors with the news that the country may already have nuclear weapons that put the wellbeing of an entire region at risk.

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Believer (2018) Review

Believer is beautifully shot and well-paced action thriller. A technically sound film where the acting makes it is a worthwhile watch. Despite some shortcomings, fans of Korean cinema, especially action will find this movie to be very satisfying.