Are ‘Woke’ Reboots Hollywood’s Attempt To Rewrite History?

“How does it feel to have lived long enough to see all of your favorite franchises go down in flames?”

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I think most people have had enough of Hollywood’s lack of originality when it comes to what they put out on television and movie theaters these days. It seems like everything you watch today is a reboot, a remake, a prequel, a sequel, a soft reboot, a reimaging, or an alternative universe, you name it. If it was popular in the 80s, it will likely get seven seasons on Netflix and only the first one will be any good. Then I noticed something odd about the recent wave of reboots. Last week, Actress Kristen Stewart, who is set to star in a reboot of Charlie’s Angels, when asked to describe the project stated that the show will be ‘woke’ or more socially aware and politically progressive.

Now besides the obvious question of “Who the hell asked for a Charlie’s Angels reboot?” the more important question is “Who the hell asked for a ‘Woke’ Charlie’s Angels reboot?” That’s where it hit me, I looked around at a lot of recent and future reboots of tv shows and movies and noticed the majority of them are politically progressive. But why would you reboot an already established franchise under the same name just to add a progressive left-wing ideology that wasn’t there in the original? Is Hollywood trying to retroactively rewrite history with Woke reboots?

It would be an understatement to say that the 70s, 80s, and 90s were a much simpler time. Comedy was still cutting edge and fun, action films didn’t have to be politically correct, and sitcoms displayed a basic nuclear family and weren’t shamed for it. In many ways, entertainment didn’t walk on eggshells to avoid progressive landmines in their stories. But that time has changed, progressives in entertainment believe that popular properties of the past are ‘not up to date’ with current times and that needs to change…because THEY said so.

Let’s take a look at some of the more recent reboots that have been updated for a more ‘progressive’ time. It’s hard not to start with Ghostbusters (2016). Fans of the 1984 film waited a long time for a proper follow-up to the classic movie. Sadly, they waited so long, Harold Ramis died and the dream of all four men reprising their roles passed away with him. That didn’t stop Sony however with proceeding with the 2016 remake, but this time, they would make an all-female reboot of the franchise, why? It was progressive. Sony isn’t the only company to have tried this, Warner Bros tried the same thing earlier this year, with the Ocean’s 8 reboot that touted an all-female cast as it’s selling point.

Disney’s Star Wars is going through a similar transformation. When Kathleen Kennedy took over the reins of one of the most popular franchises in the world, her first call was to make a female inclusive universe. Every Disney’s Star Wars film to date is packed full of female faces and progressive ideology. The Last Jedi included a sizable part of the film dedicated to the condemnation of Capitalism and Solo: A Star Wars Story seemly rewrote classic character Lando Calrissian to be pansexual and have an odd relationship with a feminist robot. Even the new Predator movie rewrites history by saying that the real reason Predators came to Earth was to get resources before climate change destroys the planet…you remember that plot point in the Schwarzenegger original?

Now it’s one thing if these studios created fresh original content that displayed progressive dogma because you wouldn’t really have much room to complain about original work.  If someone wants to do an all-female heist movie, by all means, go for it, but that is not what is happening here. There is a clear agenda in Hollywood to take already established franchises and insert woke politics which includes in many cases gender and race flipping the roles to further a progressive narrative.

Along with the progressive and woke Charlie’s Angels reboot, we will also receive a reboot of Charmed. But this time, the three sisters will be recast as Hispanic, including one sister who is a lesbian (BTW this reboot has been criticized by ALL of the former cast members). You like Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Joss Whedon is coming out with a new Buffy that will cast a black woman in Sarah Michelle Gellar’s role. MTV is promising viewers their Daria reboot will have a woke narrative. Murphy Brown is coming back to television to tackle the age of Donald Trump. Popular 90s show Party of Five is coming back, but this time the story will focus on a family of illegal immigrants who fear deportation.

Are you starting to see a pattern? What is happening is part of a bigger picture and it is hard to tell what the endgame is. Does Hollywood honestly believe that they are just trying to add to the legacy of diversity and inclusion or are they actively trying to rewrite and replace pop culture in their image? The motives behind the pushes to make Dr. Who a woman, Superman to be black, and change the sexual orientation of already established characters looks even more nefarious when the people pushing for these changes immediately demonize fans of the franchises for objecting to their decisions. If you don’t like a British female handicapped soldier in the front lines of your World War II game, clearly the problem is with you because you must be some sort of bigot. If you are demonizing the people you rely on to support the franchise that you are rewriting, thus turning them off from the project altogether, then who are you making these reboots for? Why are you remaking these franchises if there is no demand for them? Is the endgame to replace franchises of the past with new woke additions for a ‘progressive’ time?

One thing is certain, do not expect the trend of woke reboots to end anytime soon. Hollywood is hellbent on changing everything you like whether YOU like it or not. If there is one good thing I can say about the attempt to change history, progressives obsession for ‘change’ will only lead fans to greatly appreciate their franchises work of the past even more. Because at least you can enjoy a brand of entertainment before it was taken over by someone who didn’t like it in the first place.

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9 thoughts on “Are ‘Woke’ Reboots Hollywood’s Attempt To Rewrite History?

  1. Excellent article. If anything this “progressive rebooting” is more offensive because it’s saying that non-white, non-male characters aren’t good enough to create their own mythology, so we’ll just give them these “white character’s stories” instead. I call it Hand Me Down Representation.

  2. Most of these reboots are for tv shows that finished only 10-15 years. I’m 27 and I watched Buffy and Charmed religiously. Why do we need a reboot, woke or otherwise for shows that are still fresh in our minds? I’m a woman and brown but even I get called sexist and racist when I say anything against these soulless reboots.

  3. Read Marx. The End of History is a concept, a final state where – through revolutions of culture, politics, and economy – man’s previous history of war and exploitation are rendered moot, as far as historical study and human awareness goes. The diseases of the old world have been cured, and the focus of society is now simply existing in glorious conformity and servitude to the ComIntern, because you and they are one and the same.

    They can act like it never existed so the percieved petty, racist, sexist, classist, nationalist, and sensually aesthetic motivations and imagery can’t captivate the minds of their institutionalized youth.

    So yes – remaking films in a completely scrubbed, pozzed-out bullshit manner, based on hyper-academic social engineering is, I believe, a sincere attempt at poisoning most existing works of art to younger generations.

  4. I’d rather sit through an entire season of The Babysitter’s Club than deal with this shit. Shit, at least those girls worked for a living, and they were still in middle school.

    And I fucking swear, if they do a fucking woke reboot of The Babysitters Club…

    … I’d actually like to see how that turns out. It would be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it would be terrible and shove feminist ideology down our throats. On the other hand, it would be showing them doing the same thing to the kids they’re babysitting, bringing the message to the forefront in a blatant way how SJW feminist cunts are brainwashing children. It might actually work for all the wrong reasons.

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