Imagine being physically attacked outside of a gaming convention and the organizers respond by having YOU banned from the event…Well, that is what happened to Jeremy Hambly of The Quartering and Unsleeved Media outlets.

If you don’t recall, Last August, Hambly was attacked by Matt Loter, owner of Elm City Games just outside of the massive gaming convention GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana. Loter who objected to Hambly’s criticism of the convention booking Anita Sarkeesian for one of their events sought out Hambly at a bar in the area and physically attacked him according to Jeremy and witnesses at the scene. A police report was filed after the incident and the convention refused to make a comment about the situation.

Today, in a new video posted to YouTube, Hambly has confirmed that GenCon has finally responded to his assault by banning him from Gencon for all future events.

In an e-mail that was posted by Jeremy himself, the message states that Hambly has been suspended until further notice for violating GenCon’s Ethics, Conduct, and Harassment Policy due to targeted online bullying of attendees. While no examples were given of harassment, the message goes on to say any additional violations will result in a permanent ban. Now the message does acknowledge a second account holder has also been suspended leading many to believe that Matt Loter was also banned from the event as well. But as of now, there is no confirmation of Loter’s suspension as he has shut down his social media accounts following the attack. GenCon has yet to make an official statement about the incident but it looks like Hambly will not be invited for future events despite the fact he was the victim of an attack.




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