‘Sexist’ Brie Larson Captain Marvel Photoshop Angers Left Wing Media

It’s going to be a long six months if stories like this are causing national outrage. Earlier this week, Disney released the teaser trailer to their latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain Marvel which is due out March 8, 2019. Marvel looks to be going all in on the film as Kevin Feige has stated that the character will be the face of the MCU for the foreseeable future. However, after watching the trailer for the film, many people online criticized the lead actress Brie Larson for having a disinterested and seemingly unhappy face in the majority of the trailer. So in a response to the trailer backlash, one Twitter user by the name of TFMonkeyYoutube decided to take it upon himself to photoshop a smile to some of the promo pictures for the film.



While most people really didn’t bat an eye at the photos, when the media got a hold of them, the loud cries of sexism came pouring down.

Vox: Not even Captain Marvel is safe from the “smile more” catcall

Nylon: ‘Captain Marvel’ Promos Were Photoshopped To Make Brie Larson Smile

Vice: Brie Larson Was Told to Smile, So She Put Smiles onto Marvel Dudes

LADbible: Brie Larson Updates Male Superheroes After Captain Marvel Fans Tell Her To Smile

IndieWire: Brie Larson took a sexist reaction to the “Captain Marvel” and turned it into social media gold.

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For those are you who don’t understand the outrage, according to Vox, “smile more” is a sexist form of harassment that women hear all the time. Women are frequently advised to smile by the people around them from co-workers to strangers on the street implying that they need to appear happier, for the benefit of others, usually men.

A man telling a woman to smile — and in Captain Marvel’s case, digitally altering a woman’s face to smile — capitulates to the crooked idea that it’s not up to women to decide when to smile, that a woman appearing to be happy and pleasant is more important than how she might actually feel, that women owe it to others to perform a certain emotion whether it’s sincere or not.

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The media attacks the demands that Brie Larson smiles more for the trailer when that isn’t the nature of the complaints. Nobody was demanding that Brie Larson smiles in the trailer, she was criticized for showing little emotion in a trailer for a major superhero film which will be used to set up the final Avengers film. Now you can argue that the criticism is in poor taste and you would be within your right to do so, but this isn’t the first time this year criticism has been a problem for Actress Brie Larson. Back in June, she called out film critics for being too white and too male when defending A Wrinkle in Time, another Disney film that flopped earlier this year.

“I don’t need a 40-year-old white dude to tell me what didn’t work about ‘A Wrinkle in Time, It wasn’t made for him. I want to know what it meant to women of color, biracial women, to teen women of color.” Larson said

Well, I hope Captain Marvel is viewed favorably when it comes out next year or else I think we already know who the targets are going to be for the film’s failures.

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16 thoughts on “‘Sexist’ Brie Larson Captain Marvel Photoshop Angers Left Wing Media

  1. It’s a bullshit double standard. Period. Even guys like me see how blatantly hypocritical it is to whine about an actress not smiling enough. Remind me of the last time an actor was criticized for not smiling enough in a trailer. Exactly. Stfu.

    1. Um…Henry Cahill was critizied for YEARS for Man Of Steel and turning him into a joyless/souless character. Ben Affleck got turned into a f’n meme with his ‘sad Affleck’ face. So yeah, missed me with that…

      1. No it’s not and they did it. The only reason difference is there wasn’t massive media outrage to defend them because of their gender when it happened. One guy on Twitter photoshops a smile on Larson’s face and 40 news outlets trip over themselves to condemn it, that’s a narrative not reality.

      2. Maybe you don’t understand what comprable means. If what you say is true there should be plenty of evidence. I’m perfectly willing to admit I’m wrong if you can give links to social media outcry over movie trailers by those two. You say there was no reaction to defend them because of their gender so there must have been something to defend against. So let’s see it.

      3. Comparable* I’m not digging through 5 year old articles to prove to YOU that people criticized Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck when you have a computer and clearly have time. If you want to want someone who covers DC/Marvel hypocrisy atnosium, I suggest you follow Film Gob, he has plenty.

  2. women dont need to smile to please men. they need to smile at men to please themselves….

    if you want the attention of men and you dont want to be the one to do the asking, you need to goad the men you are interested in to do the asking…….

    ….no man says “resting bitch face, be still my beating heart.”

    to be fair to brie though her smile is goony as fuck…..like special needs goony.

  3. If the movie follows cannon, then it will break even and partially satisfy the pundits/critics. If there are major cannon violations , then this movie will flop just like the STD Trek did.

    This Kevin Feige will then join the Kurtzman prison of anti pop culture for everyone to admire.

  4. The doctored photo of the smiling Brie Larson has a lot more charisma than the original. It isn’t the smile, it’s her. I just rewatched the final trailer for the Wonder Woman movie. Gal Gadot doesn’t smile once in the whole thing, except perhaps a brief upward turn of the mouth in one shot. Nonetheless she has charisma to spare in just the trailer. Her expressions draw you in, unlike Miss Larson’s. Some initial reviews of the Captain Marvel film say that there is a lot of humor in the film – hopefully that’s true and the advertising is just bad.

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