God Bless the Broken Road Review: Better Suited For The Hallmark Channel

Earlier this year, Christian actress Madeline Carroll starred in a Christian movie based on the song I Can Only Imagine, a film so good even progressives couldn’t trash it. A few months later, Carroll stars in another Christian movie based on the song but while the intentions here are strong, the story doesn’t match the intention.

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God Bless the Broken Road is a story about a mother named Amber (Lindsay Pulsipher) and her young daughter in small-town Kentucky who loses their patriarch in the war in Afghanistan. As times get hard, Amber tries to keep her life together, but her stubborn pride keeps her from taking the help she needs making her situation far worse. As Amber begins to lose everything, including her faith, the downspin of her life becomes a free fall until she decides enough is enough.

All of the themes of a Christian movie are here, Small town setting, Faith, country music, the military, etc. The problem here is that the story is not emotionally gripping. The primary story is just about a mother going through a tough time who simply can’t admit that she needs help, despite the fact that there are plenty of people willing to help her. After our main character turns down help from her mother in law, her friends, her church, and the Army it becomes very difficult to sympathize with her struggle and that is about 70% of the movie. There is also a subplot involving a race car driver who doesn’t understand that he has to slow down before turns or else he will crash.

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For all the faults with the story, the cast is pretty good. The actress who plays the younger daughter Makenzie Moss is easily the best part of the film because the film is only really charming when she is on-screen. God Bless the Broken Road heart is in the right place, but the film is essentially a Hallmark movie better situated for daytime television.




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