Indivisible (2018) Review: A Strong Faith-Based Drama With An Strong Emotional Punch

It has been a busy year for Christian movies especially actress Madeline Carroll who has been in three films this year I Can Only Imagine, God Bless the Broken Road, and now Indivisible. One thing I credit the Christian genre for doing is bringing to light real-life stories of people who we would have never seen or known about otherwise.

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Here we have another film based on the True Story of Army chaplain Darren Turner (Justin Bruening) who deploys to Iraq during the height of the War in 2007. Darren’s job is to accompany soldiers during times of war to provide emotional and spiritual support. Darren builds a bond with many troubled soldiers who turn to him for guidance, but when friends of his are attacked in the line of duty, Turner questions whether his voice has become one of a false prophet and the grief he brings home turns his world upside down.

Indivisible is about the harsh realities of maintaining faith in the face of grief. The tone of the film is very similar to last year’s Thank You For Your Service, while Indivisible isn’t as grim as that film, much of the focus of PTSD and the difficulty of war is present. Not only do we see the effects of war on the soldiers overseas but we see the impact it has on military families back home who are at the mercy of forces they can’t control. The main character struggles with his faith but the real struggle is with family and relationships. A brilliant cast including Jason Winston George, Tia Mowry, and Sarah Drew delivers a strong tear-jerking performance as you empathize with the stress and tribulation of their characters and for real-life families in this country who are put in the same situation.

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Indivisible is one of the strongest dramas of the year, perhaps one that could have been trimmed to deliver a stronger point, but when you can get near tears out of me (not easy) you have done your job.




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