Action Point Review: Jackass 4 With A Plot

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How in the world did this film cost 20 million dollars to make? Johnny Knoxville has largely earned his fame by doing bodily harm to himself that no reasonable person would even consider. Well, he’s back with another excuse to hurt himself on camera. Normally if a teenager is cutting themselves, you would try to sit down and have a talk with them, maybe even seek professional help. Knoxville who is about three steps away from 50 years old just can’t seem to let the past go and at his age, it’s starting to get pretty sad. What many people won’t know going into this movie is that Action Point is loosely based on the real-life story of a renegade theme park called Action Park from the 1970s. Knoxville plays D.C. who is the owner of the park. The rules of the park are as follows: Do whatever you want, just don’t sue us when you get hurt.

For those of you expecting a Jackass type of film don’t waste your time. There are very few ‘stunts’ in the film and even fewer laughs. The movie film is largely tame and shoves in a few random moments of Knoxville getting hurt for no reason, most which you have already seen in the trailer. Squeezed between this mess is a story about D.C. trying to connect with his teenage daughter, but the film doesn’t give you any time to really care about this. Seriously, this movie is barely 80 minutes long before the credits start to roll.

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Action Point offers no story, no solid acting, no real homage to the theme park it’s based on, and even if you came here to get the lowest common denominator of entertainment you are left with much of nothing. Action Point is basically Johnny Knoxville’s last-ditch effort before the desperation train of Jackass 4 is upon us.




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