Breaking In Review: A Movie Made For Crackle

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You build a fortress of a home in the middle of nowhere because you are a shady criminal who knows people will come after you and you don’t have ANY weapons in the house? Two hours away from police response and not even a panic room? After watching the latest film from actress Gabrielle Union called Breaking In, you will find yourself with many questions the film won’t even bother to answer for you.

Union stars as Shaun Russell as a mother of two who drives to her estranged criminal father’s house to sell it on the market. What kind of criminal activity was her father involved in that it caused such a terrible relationship? Who knows, it’s never answered. When she arrives to the home, she discovers that four criminals have overtaken the house in an attempt to rob the place of a safe full of money. With no way to call for help and her children in danger, Shaun must use her skills that we can only assume that her father taught her because we aren’t even given a flashback to explain this plot and protect her family.

Universal Pictures

The problem with this film is simply how generic and forgettable it is. Watching this movie is it hard to think that this is something that should be on Netflix rather than a theatrical release. Nobody in this movie is convincing enough to sell the character they are portraying and that includes the lead. The film takes itself way too seriously to be a fun B-movie. The only interesting angle Breaking In has is that one of the actors, Richard Cabral is actually a former gang member turned actor, which explains his laughably bad performance. Breaking In is a film made for Crackle that still makes you pay in time wasted.




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