Terminal (2018) Review: Unfocused Oddball Style

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If you allow yourself to be amazed at all the pretty colors on-screen with the feel of a classic noir, you may be too distracted to realize that all the men in this movie are horrible people. If you watched the trailer for Terminal, it’s definitely a film that will peak your interest even if you have no idea what it is about. Terminal stars Margot Robbie as a waitress who is caught up in the world of the criminal underbelly. A janitor, two assassins, a mysterious employer, and a terminal professor are all connected to Annie and her café. When it is discovered Annie herself is a contract killer, the plot goes from interesting to insane all leading to an ending that wasn’t too difficult to figure out making you wonder why everyone else in the film couldn’t.

I can’t pretend that you will at least not be intrigued by how this film is set up. In what seems like the bastard child of a Nicolas Winding Refn and Quentin Tarantino film, Terminal is definitely eye-opening and the banter between Simon Pegg and Margot Robbie is good enough to stay interested. The problem comes when the story starts to shape up and things get explained, the movie gets derailed faster than an unfinished track. The film jumps from thriller to mystery to torture porn so quickly, the third act becomes a clusterfuck well after the most interesting storyline is resolved.

RLJE Films

I can’t fault the acting in this, A solid cast of stars highlight otherwise failure of storytelling and pacing. Terminal has a lot of enjoyable elements in its oddball style, but the narrative keeps it from being something truly special, a wasted opportunity.




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