Scorched Earth Review: A LOW budget Sci-fi Film


I know Gina Carano isn’t the best actress, but I’m still a big fan of hers. There was a time I wanted her to be Wonder Woman on the big screen, let’s just say it’s a good thing we got Gal Gadot. Scorched Earth is Carano’s latest project on VOD release. The Earth has finally had enough of mankind’s climate change and the planet has turned into a Mad Max wasteland. The two most valuable commodities in this universe are clean water and silver used for air filters. Believe it or not, despite living in a lawless hell hole, the worst thing you can do in this universe is illegally drive a car aka use fossil fuels. For those who dare use coal in the apocalypse, there is a bounty hunter by the name of Gage (Carano) who will take you in for a pretty piece of silver.

Scorched Earth is a B movie, so it’s hard to tell how hard I should be on the film with a budget so small Blumhouse Films looks like Disney quality by comparison. However, some of these details cannot be ignored. The acting is rough, the premise is played straight, but the acting is so bad at times you can’t help but point it out. You can also tell the budget was LOW because there is a couple of scenes where a woman at a bar whose like a semi-hostage is singing for a group of goons and it CLEARLY isn’t her singing but the film wants you to believe that it is. It’s so bad I couldn’t help by thinking I was watching a Best of The Worst film.


The film had some real potential once you get past the rough opening, the setting of post-apocalyptic western works to an extent. While Carano holds her own in a role that was originally written for a man, she is seriously missing the depth needed to carry this film on her own. I tend to find more enjoyment in B movies than others but Scorched Earth simply can’t overcome the wooden blandness in the execution of the film. As much as I like Carano, carrying a film simply isn’t playing to her strengths and in a limited film like this only exposes her flaws, but to her credit, it’s not like she got any help from the cast.




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