Daughter Of The Wolf Review: Richard Dreyfuss…This Ain’t It Fam

I’ll watch any movie with Gina Carano in it, I don’t care how bad it is…case in point, Daughter of the Wolf. The last time I saw a B film with Carano in the leading role, it didn’t exactly end well with Scorched Earth. But this one gave me hope in the sense that by looking at it, the visual quality was much better than her last effort. There was hope that better filmmakers would turn out a better product. While this is a much better film than Scorched Earth, there is just one problem, Richard Dreyfuss.

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Daughter of the Wolf begins with military veteran Clair Hamilton (Gina Carano) negotiating a trade with a gang of kidnappers who took her son. After the takers refuse to return him, she decides to chase them back to their hideout in the frozen woods. It is there she quickly runs into the harsh conditions of the freezing cold temperatures, hungry wolves, and the live action version of Elmer Fudd.

Gina Carano does a great job here and is easily the best part of the movie. She displays a great range of emotions and does a good job carrying the film for the most part. Despite beginning in the middle of the conflict, the 1st act gets off to a hot start and there is great promise of the movie being solid. The 2nd act is when things fall apart as the pace comes to a screeching halt…then comes Richard Dreyfuss.

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I don’t know if Dreyfuss was under the impression that this is a B film decided that going full cartoon character was the right call but it wasn’t. Next thing you know, cannon fodder characters start showing up like roaches with the light off and the film becomes too overbooked. Despite the low-budget craziness, the film offers enough to be an ok film. Gina Carano is very likable and you are ultimately watching this for her so you get what you pay for.




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One thought on “Daughter Of The Wolf Review: Richard Dreyfuss…This Ain’t It Fam

  1. So sort of a well under the top version of Commando with 100 percent less testosterone and a long washed up geezer starring as the antagonist. If it shows up on Prime I’ll give it a peek.

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