Mother! (2017) Review: A Movie With No Story

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A movie so bad that it caused Jennifer Lawrence to temporarily quit the business? You damn right I’m going to watch this movie (2 months later). Mother! The latest Darren Aronofsky film, who is known for making weird and semi-depressing films such as Black Swan and The Wrestler. In this film, you have a group of people in a house that are established without names. Simply known as him (Javier Bardem), man (Ed Harris), woman (Michelle Pfeiffer) and so on. Him and Mother (Lawrence) open their homes to random strangers who start to become a detriment to the house. After a while, Mother has had enough and wants everyone out of her home, but more and more people come in and destroy things and stuff happens.

Look, it doesn’t take you long to figure out that this story is an allegory of the Bible, Aronofsky tells you this himself. The problem is the film is presented in a way that it doesn’t expect it’s audience will understand these references. This is not a movie for general audiences, hence why nobody saw it or liked it. It loses its ground in reality which makes the general audience completely disconnected with what is on the screen. Javier Bardem is the only actor I can give credit for giving a somewhat good performance here. Everyone else is trying their damnedest to pull off a very ham-fisted story while Jennifer Lawrence has been making the same face for 2 hours.

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Mother! Doesn’t have a story, it is basically a series of events that happen and if you have no idea about the in your face biblical references that are being thrown on the screen, you will sit there in either a constant state of confusion or convincing yourself that the film is deeper than it actually is. If you can get through the pretentious storytelling and J-Law stone face, you may find some enjoyment here, but don’t hold your breath.




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