Flatliners (2017) Review: A Decent But Unnecessary Remake

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It is not every day you get the opportunity to watch a film in theatres that has 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. I’ve been barking at RT critics for years now for their flawed rating system and biased reviews, the only real question here is, Does Flatliners deserve it’s 0% rating?…No. It is a carbon copy of the 1990 original with some updated special effects to match the times. 5 medical students play around with the afterlife as most of them stop their hearts on purpose to experience a couple of minutes of the afterlife. After being brought back to life, the students begin to see their visions in real time as their past has literally come back to haunt their present.

I went into this with the lowest expectations and honestly, this film isn’t that bad, it’s just very mediocre. It is a mediocre sequel to a film that wasn’t much in the first place. The first problem is they claim to be a sequel, but it has every sign of a remake, especially considering Kiefer Sutherland is playing a different role than the one he played in the original. Another problem is Flatliners markets itself as a psychological horror, but there is little horror to be found. If anything this is a psychological thriller with a few jump scares thrown in. There are moments where the cast feels genuine and times where they feel cartoonish. Diego Luna is easily the best character, everyone else you won’t feel much for and you’ll pity them less.

Sony Pictures Releasing

The film starts off pretty strong and you are at least invested in the story, the progression of the film, however, feels like a wide receiver having the ball go through his hands in slow motion. When you look at the final product, Flatliners isn’t the 0% terrible movie you are expecting to see.  It’s competently made and while you will leave fairly entertained, you will still ask yourself, why did they need to remake this?




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2 thoughts on “Flatliners (2017) Review: A Decent But Unnecessary Remake

  1. Was curious about this. The commercial made it look like it could be good but I was on the fence. Sounds like a wait but watch if you get the chance type film.

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