The Layover Review: Huge Breasts Mask A Terrible Film

Amazon Films

The last film that came out on Amazon I watched was The Wall which was a great movie, now you have another film from Amazon, which is NOT great at all. The Layover is about two big breasted actresses who don’t show their breasts in the movie fighting over a guy they just met only to find out he’s married after they both slept with him…I just spoiled the entire film for you and I don’t care.

Kate Upton’s character is completely deplorable and Alexandra Daddario’s is a gutless coward who is only a slightly less shitty person…so who do we root for? Why are we watching this film for 90 minutes? William H. Macy directed this film and I can’t imagine that there will be very many opportunities to direct anything else after this one is over. The film took two years finding anyone willing to distribute it and after all that time could only get a VOD release with limited theater release (The closest one is about 120 miles away I may add). The film is listed as a sex comedy, but good luck laughing at any jokes in this film. At one point Kate’s character locks Alex’s character in the most Hepatitis looking bathroom I’ve ever seen, all because she showed an embarrassing childhood photo to the guy they were trying to sleep with, and this is supposed to be one of the biggest comedy bits in the entire movie.

Amazon Films

What’s more embarrassing is the movie had the audacity to have a feel-good ending that is completely unearned and nonsensical because the main characters didn’t learn a fucking thing and didn’t change at all. This is just shit, but hey it’s not like you have to watch this film in the theaters, then again the summer box office movies in 2017 have only been marginally better.




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