It’s been a while since I reviewed a movie from China and this time around it’s a film produced by Jackie Chan called Reset (Ni Shi Ying Jiu). The story is about a single mother and scientific researcher named Xia Tian (Yang Mi) set in futuristic China. Xia works for an organization trying to perfect the science behind time travel. Unfortunately, they can only send people 1 hour and 50 seconds back to the past (which is also the runtime of the film itself). After her son is kidnapped by an unknown group of mercenaries, she is forced to hand over the company’s data on the project and save her son from being killed, even if that means going back in time herself.

I really liked the first act and I thought the film had a lot of promise. The problem comes with many time travel storylines, is when they start to explain things, the entire plot flies off the rails. Once you realize that the arch of creating a massive time machine is solely to forward an overly convoluted melodramatic plot, the story simply can’t hold up its own weight. What makes the film ‘enjoyable’ in the same thing that makes Mystery Science Theater enjoyable. The amount of Character Induced Stupidity present is off the chart. I mean there is gullible and then there is “you should probably be riding the short bus”. The movie is silly at times, but it isn’t that bad, they competently tell the story of a woman who will defy the laws of space and time to save her son. Yang Mi really sells the role of a desperate mother teetering on the edge of sanity as the film progresses. Reset is a decent Sci-fi B-Movie but doesn’t reach any higher heights than that.



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