Their Finest Review: Educational & Enjoyable


I’m a bit of a sucker for British films (unless it’s Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais, or anyone else who stinks) so Their Finest found my attention as a 1940s period film about a screenwriter named Catrin (Gemma Arterton) who is tasked by the British Ministry of Information to help make a movie that will increase war efforts and boost the morale of the country. Gatrin’s team proceeds to clash about the direction of the film and how it should be presented. Whenever they finally get a sense of direction of what the film wants to be, they are told by the higher-ups that something else needs to be added to make the film more impactful while making the filmmaker’s job more stressful.

Their Finest hits on a couple of interesting aspects of filmmaking, one is the complete chaos that goes into making a film, especially when you are trying to make your bosses happy, another is the not so famous, art of propaganda. They are essentially making a propaganda film for the government, Hollywood has never been a stranger to producing content to form or manipulate one’s person’s opinion and her Gatrin’s vision going against what the people who hired her wants. That is where her moral compass comes into play as she must decide if her the stress her personal life is taking is worth risking for this project.


The real-time bombings of London during the setting of the film not only gives our main characters some added motivation but put the brutal message of their film in perspective. Many big-name British actors, including lots of cameos, makes this movie a pleasant and humorous experience. Their Finest is a great wartime film that is just as much educational as is enjoyable.




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