Everything, Everything Review: A Bad Story With Camera Tricks

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Dear Hollywood, stop with the Young Adult stuff, nobody likes it and nobody wants it. Everything, Everything is a film about an 18-year-old girl who has never left the house because her immune system is about as weak as an 18-year-old girl in a strongman competition. She begins to develop a relationship with the cute boy next door.

They use a couple of interesting techniques to have a conversation between the two without being in the same room such as reenacting text conservations and creating fictional meeting places. The film is pretty standard and straightforward for the first half and exceeded my expectations until the film forgets that they’re supposed to have melodrama attached to it. Suddenly you have abusive fathers, overprotective criminally negligent mothers, kids running away to Hawaii from California, near-death experiences and the next thing you know you are right down in the middle of schlocky land.

Warner Bros. Pictures

While the film is not good, there are a few things I did like about it is at a filmmaking aspect that saved it from a worse rating, but ultimately a bad story is a bad story and all the camera tricks in the world aren’t going to save it. I hope people actually living with this disease don’t really believe that this is how love and relationships in the real world work because they will be more disappointed than me scrolling through Amanda Stenberg’s Instagram page after the movie.




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