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Table 19 Review

able 19 is one massive cringe fest. Characters say cringeworthy things and do cringeworthy things that normal functioning people just wouldn’t do.

Table 19 is a story that doesn’t have much of a story. 6 people are set up at the ‘random’ table of a wedding and things just happen. It’s like the film is being pitched to you as you are watching it. You have a business couple who is going through marital problems, an old nanny who thinks the family still cares about her, a high school kid trying to get laid, some weird guy who is just there, and Anna Kendrick a bitter ex who shows up unwanted to a wedding she helped plan.

The film tries to give these people character and force drama as the story progresses, but it hard to buy into. ‘Grandma has terminal cancer all of a sudden…feel bad’. Table 19 is one massive cringe-fest. Characters say cringe-worthy things and do cringe-worthy things that normal functioning people just wouldn’t do. Even the revelations in the movie are introduced in a cringeworthy way. Jerry and Bina haven’t had sex in 3 years…2 scenes later, Bina reveals she only showed up to cheat on Jerry…end scene. The movie was filmed in about a month and it looks like it took less time than that. I understand the premise here had potential, but the direction of Jeffrey Blitz, known for directing multiple episodes of The Office was not the push the film needed. The actors themselves are the most likable thing about the movie and I don’t mean their performances. Anna Kendrick played a much better bitter ex-girlfriend afraid of weddings in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson are just wasted in their roles as both are great at being funny and being serious but neither shine here. Everyone else much like the plot of the film is just…there. The only question I have for this dud is “Who puts their wedding cake in the front of the exit where it’s blocking the entrance?”





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  1. Dodged a bullet! I was going to see this just because of Kendrick but she is having a rough time finding anything, outside of Pitch Perfect, which can balance her awkwardness and style of acting.


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