Caviar (2023) Review: Right Message, Wrong Messenger

A horror movie about conspiracy theories?

Mutineer Films

It is very easy to dismiss this film as low-budget drivel and while that may be true, there is something that the filmmakers could have really grasped onto but dropped the ball in the end zone.

What if you wanted to expose the world’s deep dark secrets about the society that they live in? What would be the best way to get the truth out there while subverting the audience’s expectations? Hollywood figure this out years ago and has been using the film industry to push their agenda through television and movies for decades.

When Jacob Michael King decided to do the same thing with this film knowing that there’s not a major studio in this country that would ever greenlight this, you have to respect the effort.

Mutineer Films

The problem isn’t the effort, its the execution. ‘Caviar’ is a film about a young woman who is dealing with the sudden death of her brother who was a popular YouTuber talking about Progressive issues by condemning both the political left and the political right.

Her brother dies in a car accident so she is left to maintain his YouTube channel as a means of honoring his legacy. She starts to realize just how connected he was to some shady individuals connected to the government. Her eyes are awakened to the real world around her and she begins to notice things that nobody else is talking about but it’s happening right in front of her eyes.

Watching ‘Caviar’, you could see a better movie made by someone whose more competent at storytelling. The film compiles some of the deepest and darkest conspiracy theories of our time which involves the truth behind idol worship, human trafficking, human torture, and government conspiracies.

Mutineer Films

But instead of telling these stories through the lens of our protagonist who is discovering these truths with the audience, the film abruptly come to a stop to have an AI or deep fake version of Hillary Clinton or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez telling the audience about these theories in a way that they can’t take seriously.

For example, the movie tries to explain that people in positions of power attempting to communicate with higher beings as a means of gaining transcendence. However, they explain this by having an Alex Jones knockoff tell the audience in laughable fashion.

The film ditches the central story and their protagonist and fails to use her as the lens to expose conspiracies as well as telling a good story that would have created a better word of mouth.

Mutineer Films

Instead what we get as a movie that can’t hide his contempt for the people involved which shows in the storytelling and the content in the film itself is so bad that the message is simply going to die on the vine.

‘Caviar’ is a film that has the right message that needs to be heard by broader audiences. but they don’t have the capability story-wise to tell it. A story of a good message but the wrong messenger.







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